Turtle Wax Black Box Cleaning and Waxing Kit

Wash and Wax in One?

Turtle Wax Black Box package contents
The Black Box package includes black-tinted cleaner, wax and detailer plus two foam applicator pads.

Aaron Gold

Black cars look great when they're clean -- but keeping them clean can be a major pain. They can also fade and lose their luster over time, and the tone of the color really shows it perhaps more than others. Turtle Wax has a product called Black Box, which is a cleaning and waxing system designed specifically for black or dark-colored vehicles. Some of the products are sold separately, but they also come in a kit.

Let's take a look at how to use the Black Box kit, and see if it is really worth the money.

The Turtle Wax Black Box Cleaning and Waxing Kit

The Black Box kit contains a bottle of cleaner, a bottle of Carnauba wax and two bottles of spray detailer. All of these products are tinted with black pigment, which makes them a bit like shoe polish for your car. The kit also includes a pair of foam applicator pads but it does not include any microfiber towels, which you will need in order to clean your car. 

Applying the product is about as easy as it gets: Just rub the cleaner onto the surface of your vehicle with the foam applicator and allow it to dry. Then spray the detailer on top and rub off with a towel. Next, just repeat the process with the wax.

The Turtle Wax Black Box kit is fairly easy to use. Carnauba wax usually requires some serious elbow grease, but the spray-on detailer makes it easy to remove. 

A Couple of Gripes

First, the product is messy and hard to wash off. Turtle Wax recommends wearing gloves, and you'll want to do that. Second, the instructions say to use one applicator pad for each product, but since the pads are identical, it's easy to mix them up. Turtle Wax really ought to include two different colored pads or at least mark them to differentiate which product goes on which pad.

If you decide that you like this product, check out other Turtle Wax products that are made especially for black or dark-colored vehicles. 

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