True Stories of UFOs and Aliens .

This collection of UFO and Alien stories come from eye witnesses.

 Many people have had what they believe are encounters with UFO's. Some involve huge objects with multicolored lights; others involve tiny ball-shaped, dome-shaped, or cigar-shaped objects zipping through the sky. A few involve interactions with scaly or huge-eyed aliens. Are these real stories of UFO sightings? In most cases, even the story tellers aren't sure!

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Abduction in Quebec

While on vacation, a man dreams of an alien abduction. The next night, he discovers a tiny scar in the shape of an arrow pointing upwards!

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Alien Creature at the Window

An expert in aliens and monsters sees a horrible face at the window. When he checks, he finds the creature's imprint. Was it a monster or an alien?

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Alien Intentions

A woman recalls a lost memory of an alien abduction and connects it to more recent encounters with evil "gray people" who stalk her to this day.

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Alien in the Tub

A child wakes up to discover an alien exploring the bathroom. Could the alien really be simply curious about shampoos, soaps, and wash cloths?

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Aliens Took My Baby

A woman tells of scale-covered aliens who impregnated her and took her child -- all in  single night. She describes her doctor's incredulous response when she says "I've never been pregnant." Months later, she watches a TV show about UFO's in which she sees the very aliens who attacked her.

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Big Round Blue UFO

A huge, round, blue object flies silently over a group of children. Could it have been a UFO?

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Black Friday UFO Sighting

A man sees a strange shape in the sky, but when he points it out to his niece she can't see it!

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Coyotes and UFOs

After scaring off a group of coyotes on a dark night, a boy discovers a UFO in a field. Just a few days later, workers in the area discover a circular shape where the UFO has been.

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Crippled UFO

A man recalls an afternoon when a group of people, while picking tomatoes, observed a flying saucer. The saucer was clearly in distress -- but within minutes it had disappeared.

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Fort Gordon UFO

A soldier working on a top-secret project tells of a UFO that passed overhead. It disappeared within seconds, though he believes he saw it at least one more time.

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Invisible Barrier at Sea

A group of friends head out to sea to fish for mackerel. One of the group cast his line, only to hear a strange ping and see the line fall into the sea. What did he hit? Could it have been an invisible UFO?

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The Mad Scientist and Ghost Light of Patrick Road

A group of friends start out to find "monsters" supposedly created by a mad scientists. While they don't find the creatures, they do find eery flickering lights and a mysterious observer.

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Margate UFO

A young girl and her friend go camping on the beach when they observe what looks like a UFO hovering and landing. The next day they visit the landing site and find that all the plants have died.

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Mysterious Light Grid

Two friends are driving along when they see that a usually-empty valley is engulfed in huge, multicolored lights. The following day, the valley is bare again. 

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Paralyzed by a UFO

A man tells two stories of UFO's. In the first, a strange ship is pursued by military aircraft. In the second, a woman is briefly paralyzed by a passing beam of light from an unknown source.

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Pestered by a UFO

A bright streak of yellow light whooshes over a man's head -- for the fifth time in his life.

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Susquehanna Sprinter

Two groups of hikers spot a strange man who can run like the wind. Could he have been an alien?

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Ridiculous UFO Cover-Up

A group of children see a strange, blinking flying saucer. Later, the story is corroborated by a news story -- but in the story the object is described as a Russian satellite. Was it really a UFO?

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Spectacular UFO Sighting

A man witnesses a spectacularly beautiful light show coming from an airship of some sort in the Nevada desert. Years later, he reads a similar account that took place on the same night -- but thousands of miles away!

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Triangular UFO in Texas

A girl and her boyfriend observe a three dimensional, wedge-shaped UFO lighting up the night. When she returns with her father, the UFO is gone.

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UFO Affected My Vision

A woman who has had multiple UFO experiences photographs UFO's that seem to be following her telepathic instructions. The next day, she has a strange visual experience at the Department of Motor Vehicles -- and she is certain the two events are linked.

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UFO By the Old Red Barn

A young boy spots a mysterious spinning disk popping out from behind a barn. When he follows it by bicycle it continues to dart in and, playing a game of "hide and seek."

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UFO Over Chico

A man and his cousins witness a spinning, seamless UFO. Just two minutes later, it disappeared.

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UFO Over Sri Lanka

A man observed a small, slow-moving UFO -- and later hears of nearby sightings of crop circles and other unexplained phenomena.

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UFO Over Tacoma

A man and his brother observe a blimp-shaped object flying through the sky. Was it a ghost blimp, a cloud, or a UFO?

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UFO Over the Mountains

A boy watches a small metallic object shoot through the air and disappear.

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UFO Should Have Hit My House

An unhappy boy looks out the window to see a dome-shaped object shooting toward him. He falls backward in fright -- and the object disappears.

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UFO Sighting Begins Strangeness

A single mom observes an object with multiple lights flying across the night sky. Later, she hears the sound of its engines -- but is too frightened to open the curtains and peek out! Later, she notices that both her clock and watch have stopped at exactly the same time.

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Unidentified Buzzing Object Sightings

A strange, ball-shaped object buzzes and moves up and down as a group of boys watch.

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Witch or Aliens?

Circular lights in the sky and strange witches in the woods make this observer a believer in the paranormal.

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Zipping Point of Light

A strange white dot zipping through sky is never explained.

How Many of These Stories Reflect Real Alien Encounters?

It's hard to know whether a few, most, or none of these stories are really descriptions of alien encounters. They do have a few qualities in common -- but then again, they are very different from one another. Certainly some are stories of a real encounter with... something!