I Spent Hundreds on Trish McEvoy Products—Here's an Honest Review

Are they worth the hype?

Trish McEvoy

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Years ago I had the opportunity to meet makeup guru Trish McEvoy at a makeup lesson in a department store. There she stood on a lit stage, a camera fixated on her, a huge screen behind her, and her products on display in all their glory. I felt like I was on the set of an infomercial.

After her presentation, all 40 of us in attendance got our makeup done. McEvoy's passion for all that she had created actually really resonated with me. I ended up spending an absurd amount of money—hundreds of dollars. Are these products worth the hype? Here's my honest review.

The Power of Makeup Large Planner ($85)

Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy is known for her brilliant makeup planner. It's like a binder that holds black lacquered, magnetic, mirrored cases (sold separately) for organizing all of your daily makeup and tools. Brush sleeves, a removable pouch, and a large back pocket are included. A zipper all around neatly encloses your entire cosmetics collection in one sleek package. The largest one is big enough to hold your makeup for all seasons. Small and medium sizes are also available.

At first, this planner was life to me, but I eventually abandoned it because I simply didn't need a laptop-sized cosmetics case. I prefer to keep my makeup on display and within reach. But those who are obsessed with organizing or travel often might love this.

Even Skin Water Foundation ($60)

The Even Skin Water Foundation provides nice, thick coverage. I really liked it for those full-face days and nights. I used it until it ran out, but I never replaced it. For my needs, it turned out to be a bit too heavy; but if you want full coverage, this might be for you.

Makeup Brushes

High-quality makeup brushes are worth the investment, in my opinion. That's why I might have gone a bit crazy splurging on tons of Trish McEvoy brushes: the Brush 76 Perfect Foundation brush ($54), three eyeshadow brushes of various sizes, the Brush 11 Precise Eye Lining brush ($28), and a lip brush.

The brushes feature weighted lucite handles and cruelty-free synthetic hair. They're mostly good quality, but not life-changing. Years later, I still use all of the eyeshadow brushes and the eyeliner brush. I have little use for the foundation brush since I don't wear much foundation these days. Unfortunately, the lip brush broke on me.

24-Hour Eye Shadow and Liner ($34)

I'll be honest: I immediately regretted buying the eye shadows. They're supposed to be highly pigmented and long-lasting, but they fall short on both promises. Compared to my beloved Dior shadows, these aren't worth it to me.

Long-Wear Lip Liner ($30)

Same deal here as with the eye shadow. I was totally underwhelmed by the pigment and the staying power. The liner hardly shows up under or over my lip color.

Final Answer

All in all, Trish McEvoy has some wonderful products, but not all of them live up to the hype. The most genius of all is her Planner, and her brushes are worth the buy.