Tips and Products for Trimming Male Pubic Hair

4 Top Tools for Easy Manscaping

Many men are opting to trim male pubic hair instead of shaving it totally off to stay clear razor burn, ingrown hairs, and itchy stubble. If you'd rather go this route but don't have a clue about what tools to use, there are several options available for affordable, quick, easy, and safe trimming. These are the top four choices of trimmers for that area down south and the rest of your body in the bargain. Don't use just anything beneath the boxers.

Want to shave some areas but trim others? Save time while you’re in the shower with this cordless wet-and-dry groomer made especially for men. It comes with trimming and shaving attachments so you can rid hair totally or just clean it up to your desired length. It has a 3D pivoting head that makes following the body's shape a snap. It also has rounded blades and combs so you don't scratch the sensitive skin in this area, along with a trimming comb with five settings so you can get just the length you want. The extra-sensitive trimming attachment comb is recommended for the groin area.

Made by the same company that makes the Mangroomer back shaver, this cordless body shaver can also be used in or out of the shower. Shave hair down with a stainless steel foil blade or take your pick from the seven adjustable level settings for trimming. Its power burst button is a unique feature for cutting through coarse hair.

You get a cordless powered trimmer and a Gillette Fusion blade in one tool that can be used both wet and dry with this trimmer. Since shaving long hair all at once doesn't work well without trimming first, a really nice feature is that you can trim and shave in one step. But you're not locked into to using both together because the trimmer and shaver can each be used alone. Sensitive, medium, and long combs help you get to just the right trimmed length.

Word of advice: Although shaving pubic hair on the skin is fine, we wouldn't recommend using a regular manual razor on male genitals.

Specially made for pubic hair, the Hair eRazor Fuzion cuts through coarse hair without water with the use of its silicone-based solution called Sinsational Shaving and Intimacy Lube. The rotary-style blade can be used alone or with a push of a button, the trimmer pops up.​​​

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Tips on Shaving


If you want to shave with a razor after you use clippers, get hip to the extra care this will take before you begin.

First, get pristine clean yourself and clean off any tools you are going to use with alcohol. And you should only use tools for this task and no other. It's exclusive. 

Get trimmed up first as a hedge against developing ingrown hairs. Use a clipper or a pair of small scissors and take the hair down to about 1/16 of an inch.

Take a shower before you begin shaving so the skin is soft and moisturized. Now you're ready. Apply a shave gel and then shave in the direction of hair growth to prevent ingrown hairs. Pull the skin taut as you shave. Using a portable mirror helps you see what you are doing. Post shave, slather on a moisturizer that contains aloe or camphor. It's soothing and helps to banish irritation.

It's very important that you try to avoid cuts since bacteria lurk in this area, and even a tiny razor cut can let it get in and cause cellulitis or an abscess. If you do accidentally cut yourself, wash it well with soap and water and then disinfect it with alcohol. Apply pressure for 10 or 15 minutes, as needed, to stop the bleeding. If it doesn't stop in 15 minutes or so, call your doctor or go the emergency room.