Pro Rodeo Champion Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile at the National Finals Rodeo in 2009

Tom Donoghue.

The rodeo world has never known a cowboy like Trevor Brazile. He is a true working cowboy and an all-around phenomenon with a rope. He's the richest cowboy in the history of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and is constantly upping his game in an effort to improve the sport of professional rodeo. But, who is Trevor Brazile?

Growing Up

Trevor Brazile was born on November 16, 1976, in the sprawling town of Amarillo, Texas. A cowboy through and through, his father Jimmy stated that he knew Trevor would be a champion one day.

A four-time steer roping national finalist himself, Jimmy encouraged Trevor to hone his roping skills from a very young age. Trevor was taught to be an all-around ranch hand, learning how to rope, tie down calves, and catch speeding steers with speed and proficiency.

This early training helped him immensely as he entered the rodeo arena, and he excelled in tie-down roping, steer roping, and team roping, sports he still participates in. His family didn't have money to waste on entries without earning a paycheck, and Trevor's competitive spirit helped keep him in the red. Hall of Fame team roper Roy Cooper took young Trevor under his wing, instilling in him the confidence and determination that has made him such a phenomenal success.

Rodeo Success

Trevor Brazile is the richest cowboy in the sport of professional rodeo. With winnings eclipsing the 3.5 million dollar mark, he has won more money than any cowboy in history. He has 14 all-around world titles under his belt, and more than 16 individual world championships in team roping, tie-down roping and steer roping.

Trevor travels to more than 70 rodeos in an average year, racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings before the National Finals Rodeo. However, this success hasn't always been a walk in the park.

Trevor's early years were marred by few wins and low payouts, and he had to earn his way to the top with a flood of blood, sweat, and tears. Brazile has won 14 all-around world championship, which distinguishes him as having won the most all-around titles in PRCA history.

Life Off the Circuit

Trevor is just as busy at home as he is on the road. He owns a ranch in Decatur, Texas that he shares with his wife, Shada, and his son and daughter, Treston and Stella. Shada is a former model, working for high-profile rodeo brands including Wrangler, Cruel Girl and Cripple Creek clothing companies.

Shada and the children spend much of their time on the road with Trevor, traveling around North America and taking in the world, one rodeo at a time. When the Brazile family is not on the road, they run an extremely successful ranch operation, producing some of the most sought-after American Quarter horses in the rodeo world.

Trevor also endorses a variety of companies including trailer companies, clothing lines, and rodeo gear. Shada is developing a line of children's clothing, and her children often model the clothes which help to keep everyone in the family involved. What about life after rodeo? Trevor says his years on the circuit aren't limited by his health or lack of desire, but by his children.

He says, "Wanting to spend time with my family is what's going to" eventually lead him to retirement. Spending time as a family has always been a focal point in the Brazile household, and watching his children grow and flourish is the only thing more important than winning. For now, however, retirement is a distant dream and Brazile has his sights set on that record 10th all-around championship.