The Trendy Sunglasses You'll Want to Buy in 2021

Your Guide to the Hottest Sunglasses of 2021

Fashion woman wearing oversized sunglasses

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Want to get a jump on the trendy sunglasses fashion girls will be wearing in the coming year? Your style will be made in the shade with these fashionable frames that are set to dominate street style. From the newest statement frames, to updates on our favorite classics, these cute accessories will upgrade your outfits, while protecting your gorgeous face from the sun.

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Translucent Lenses

Woman in pink suit and blue sunglasses
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Perhaps the biggest sunglasses trend we foresee (no pun intended) in the coming year is the arrival of clear lenses. While some pairs use advanced technology to offer extra protection from the sun's rays, most are designed for street style, versus wearing to the beach or on the ski slopes, where you require maximum dimming ability. Think of them as more of an accessory, such as a necklace, that can dress up your cute spring outfits.

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Pointed Cat Eyes

Woman in white sunglasses
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Show off your animal instincts with these statement frames that are poised to take over the streets. These aren't your grandmother's sunglasses! The new, skinny cat eye style features sleek temples that taper to a point. Whether the lenses are opaque, as seen here, or clear to reveal your eyes, they are absolutely fashionable.

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Oversized Glam Shades

Woman in pink outfit and pink sunglasses
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Pump up the volume on your look in 2021 with a pair of over-sized sunglasses, for that Vogue-style jet setter look. Whether the frames are black, tortoiseshell, or colorful as pictured here, bigger means better when it comes to this fashion accessory. It's a style that is great for making even your basic outfits in jeans and athleisure wear look more pulled together.

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The Shield

Woman in large sunglassses
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We used to see these sporty mirrored sunglasses mainly on skiers and other athletes, but this year, you can expect to them on the stylish city streets. Fashion girls love this style, notable for its one continuous lens that extends across both eyes, for its glamorous over-sized proportions — and because you can totally skip makeup if you are wearing a pair of these babies.

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Extended Wayfarers

Woman in pointy sunglasses and green puffer coat
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Wayfarers have been a cool girl accessory since the days of movie icon Marilyn Monroe, and this fashion year, designers are imagining them in new proportions. The modern wayfarer is slightly larger and more extended at the temples than previous versions, which is a bonus on those mornings after the night before, when you would rather hide from the sun.

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Novelty Frames

Woman in blue suit and blue novelty sunglasses
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Some of this year's most trendy glasses have non-traditional frames, adding plenty of uniqueness to your look. Mixed materials and multiple colors are a hallmark of this unusual new trend, which takes confidence to wear, but definitely will make you stand out from the crowd, if that's your intention.

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Square Sunglasses

Woman in fur coat and square sunglasses
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Newly popular square frames are not only a fashion girl favorite, they are super functional for covering the delicate skin around your eyes, to protect you from the sun's wrinkle-causing rays. They are trendiest when they are translucent, as seen here, but a dark-lensed pair can look fabulous, too.

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The Skinny Extended Rectangle

Woman in skinny sunglasses and red jacket
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Narrow frames with extended rectangle lens are a new cool girl favorite that you will be seeing plenty of in the months ahead. These futuristic sunglasses may not offer as much sun coverage as other styles, but that is not really the point. They are a trendy accessory that is meant to let others know that you are up to the minute on the trends.

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Pink Sunglasses

Street style woman in pink sunglasses
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Think pink this season, and pick up a pretty pair of pink sunglasses to accessorize your casual and dressed up outfits for spring. From classic Wayfarer style sunglasses petal pink shades, to sporty hot pink frames, you'll find this trend available everywhere this year, from fast fashion retailers to pricier designer brands.

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Oval Aviators

Woman in aviator sunglasses and vest coat
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The classic aviator for women gets an update this year, with a rounder lens shape. It is a wearable frame style that looks great with casual and sporty outfits, and may become your go-to accessory for laid back weekends.

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Tortoiseshell Frames

Woman in tortoiseshell sunglasses
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A classic tortoiseshell pattern in shades of brown and caramel is universally flattering to every skin tone. That must be why this style keeps coming back into style, and is a favorite of movie stars and fashionistas globally.

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Rimless Sunglasses

Woman with short hair and pointy sunglasses
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This year, some glasses designers are doing away with frames entirely, as seen on this street style star. Glasses with no frames tend to be more lightweight, and can easily pop into a clutch purse when you are not wearing them.

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Ultra Round Lenses

Woman in big round sunglasses and yellow top
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Circular frames are hot for 2021 — just know that they do not flatter every face shape. If your face is oval or long, you are the best bet for wearing these retro-cool glasses that are a little bit kooky, and very trendy.