San Francisco for Lesbians - A travel Guide to San Francisco for Lesbians

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Breakfast at Dolores Park Cafe

Dolores Park Cafe
Dolores Park Cafe. © Kathy Belge

Start your day off with breakfast at lesbian-friendly Dolores Park Cafe 501 Dolores St @ 18th across from Dolores Park in the Mission neighborhood. Dolores Park Cafe has free wi-fi, so you can check your email over coffee and find out what else is going on in town.

Web sites to browse are:

Also check out the music at Dolores Park Cafe. They have a differet female singer/songwriter the third Friday of every month.

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Watch the Cable Cars Turn Around and Ride a Cable Car in San Francisco

Cable Cars in San Francisco
Cable Cars in San Francisco. © Kathy Belge

After breakfast, head down to Union Square and Powell Street to watch the cable car operators turn the cable cars around by pushing them. Hang out and watch for a while and then jump on a cable car and head out to Fisherman's Wharf, where you can catch a ferry to Alcatraz or visit one of the numerous restaurants, street vendors and souvenir stores. For the best ride, be sure to get an outside spot near the front of the car. Just be sure to hang on tight!

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Lombard Street

Lombard Street San Francisco
Drive Down and walk up Lombard Street for a thrill ride and amazing views. © Kathy Belge

After spending some time at the Wharf, catch the cable car back up to Lombard Street, said to be the most crooked street in San Francisco. Watch the traffic weave down and the tourists huff and puff as they walk up. Lombard is also fun to visit in a car. Driving down the windy brick road is lots of fun.

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Have Lunch on Haight Street

Trax Bar in The Haight/Ashbury Neighborhood
Trax Bar in The Haight/Ashbury Neighborhood. © Kathy Belge

Haight/Ashbury is the birthplace of the hippie movement in the United States. On the corner where was once a counter-culture revolution, now sits a Ben & Jerry's ice cream store and a Gap. But, there are still plenty of hippies on Haight Street and it's a great place to shop for candles, incense, shoes and used clothing. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite thrift stores is the Haight Street Goodwill. There's plenty of good and cheap places to have lunch on Haight Street. Or stop into


at 1437 Haight Street, a young and trendy gay and lesbian bar with good drink specials.

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Visit Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge. © Kathy Belge

Golden Gate Park is like no other place. You can rent paddle boats and ride around Stow Lake or visit the serene AIDS memorial garden. Take a walk through one of the many gardens, or rent bikes and ride all around. Head out to the beach and get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Racer Beach. Or better yet, walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and have a friend pick you up on the other side.

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Head up to Bernal Heights and visit Wild Side West Bar

Wild Side West
Wild Side West. © Kathy Belge

Bernal Heights is known as a lesbian neighborhood and the

Wild Side West Bernal Beast Red Hill Books

, for a great selection of used lesbian literature and periodicals.

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Good Vibrations - A Sex Toy Store

Good Vibrations Sex Store
Good Vibrations is great place to buy lesbian sex toys. © Kathy Belge

Forget that image of dark, seedy sex store, with sticky counters and a big guy named Butch behind the counter.

Good Vibrations

at 603 Valencia Street is big, bright and cheery. The helpful female staff can guide you to the perfect sex toy for your desire. Take a look at the wall of sexy videos, dildos, vibrators, condoms, lube and other things you might not have imagined.

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The Castro - San Francisco's Gayest Neighborhood

The corner of 18th & Castro in San Francisco
The corner of 18th & Castro in San Francisco. © Kathy Belge

The Castro is San Francisco's gay neighborhood. You may see more men then women here, but that doesn't mean there's not plenty of places for lesbians to visit. Start out at A Different Light Bookstore 489 Castro St. Browse the magazine section for more lesbian magazines then you probably knew existed. Also pick up copies of The Bay Area Reporter, The Guardian or SF Weekly for listings of events and happenings in town. Check out the schedule at The Castro Theatre which plays gay and lesbian films. Have a cocktail at Harvey's 500 Castro Street or a bite to eat at lesbian-friendly Cafe 2367 Market Street.

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Lesbian San Francisco

Other San Francisco Lesbian Sites to See

  • Have dessert at Citizen Cake, 399 Grove Street where award-winning out lesbian chef/owner Elizabeth Falkner serves up delicious cakes, cookies and other fine desserts.
  • Go to Alamo Square to see the most famous Victorian Houses in San Francisco, known as "Postcard Row."
  • Brave the tourists at Pier 39 and Fishermans' Warf
  • Buy some knick knacks and have some great Chinese food in China Town
  • Have a cappucino in North Beach at Puccini's cafe.
Retts Scauzillo contributed to this article