Transiting Uranus Aries (2010 to 2019)

Credit: Karen Bailey Photography / Getty Images.

The Uranus Aries transit is a force for actively creating a spirited future. Everywhere, we see lone heroes and heroines making a break for it, as trailblazers. 

The Uranus in Aries transit takes place roughly from 2010 to 2019 (with retrogrades). During this time, it's welcoming a fiery generation of new souls, and is a factor in the ongoing combustible atmosphere.

Aries is life force and action. And Uranus is the electric currents of change that are expressed through revolution, and move beyond social programming. That makes this an age for activism and rebellion, possibly at times with physical force.

Uranus is known to use shock tactics, and some changes come out of the blue, and are not always welcome. With Pluto in its separating square, some of the new beginnings have followed real tragedy or upheaval. You might be in the long midst of this kind of change, strengthening your will, to find a new way forward.

One way to look at Uranus Aries is as a jolt strong enough to loosen even the most ancient shackles. Because Uranus is also a planet of communal expression, through culture, it's also characterized by liberating ideas spreading like wildfire.

Uranus Aries liberates through truths that inspire action.

Always an original thinker, the late astrologer Elizabeth Rose Cambell described Uranus as "the instinct to express truth." 

She wrote in Intuitive Astrology: "Uranus is electric individuality and universal truth at the root of your personal uniqueness." Uranus in your birth chart is your cutting edge, wrote Cambell, "where you are bushwhacking your way into new behaviors with no scout or role model."

The same is true for a transit, so the House where Uranus is freeing you up to be wholly authentic in the area it represents. Read about Uranus Aries in the Houses for your forecast.

The shock of Uranus can come when you realize the consequences of waking up to certain realities. As Campbell wrote, "Do you want to wake up to the next level of truth?" Truth can be disruptive, like to relationships, where we can't go on as if we don't know certain things.

Reinventing the Self

When you shatter your old paradigm, you can suddenly see that new beginning. This seems to be an age where anyone that's truly authentic can rise to prominence, and be heard. Originality is highly valued, especially if combined with an entrepreneurial spirit.

And yet, there's a price sometimes to pay for being a pioneer or trailblazer. Those who break free from the hive mind have to deal with those who are easily threatened. The passionate rebel is an archetype for Uranus Aries, but they are often smacked down, as too emotional.

Also without a sense of real purpose, the restlessness for change can just bring a lot of showy narcissism. 

From April Elliott Kent's book on Astrological Transits: "Aries has a can-do spirit and the ability to survive in the face of societal upheaval and even revolution. However, it can be an excessively self-absorbed and aggressive sign. I'm writing this during Uranus's transit through Aries, and what is striking is a certain wild-west spirit and a regrettable emphasis on the primacy of the individual. "Me first," and in fact "me only," is the spirit of the times."

The Selfie comes to mind, and social media in general, where each person has their own Timeline. It's as if each is in their own universe! This has been called atomomization of the Self

It's a powerful thing though when an inspired individual has hitched his or her uniqueness to a noble pursuit. 

The Meritocracy

I recently learned about this sub-genre of music known as martial industrial, and thought of the Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries, in its historic square to Pluto in Capricorn. The martial spirit, and the warrior in general may be reinvigorated, but in a new way. 

And the healthy strong masculine also seems to be undergoing the first hints of a revival, as some turn away from being spectators in life, to being actors. 

One phenomenon I'd associate with the Pluto-Uranus square is the co-opting of rebellion and the martial spirit for goals of the established order.  

But the fight can be for what endures, and is in line with natural laws and ethics. The future can be one of authenticity, not one of sterility, and conformity. The Uranus Aries fighting spirit is a force to restore natural order.

What's potentially reborn with Pluto Capricorn goes beyond how things are with industrial-scale imbalance. With Pluto in the sign of ancient lineages, what's awakened is the folk soul, for each peoples.

That makes the fight about something timeless that reaches into the deep past. 

Uranus Aries is the spark that awakens genius, and it's interesting that Wikipedia's definition is "The noun is related to the Latin verb genui, genitus, "to bring into being, create, produce", as well as to the Greek word for birth."

And indeed, it's an urgent time for birthing a revitalized world, in sync with ethics, truth and nature.