Transiting Moon is in Gemini

Woman Flying Kite / Credit: Lori Andrews / Getty Images.

Gemini is a playful sign, and this Moon time is light and merry. 

Under the Gemini Moon, the trickster is afoot. Humor becomes a way of defusing super serious situations. You may get a bemused smile on your face, clued in to the secret that life is a game.

Gemini pollinates, making these days one for making the social rounds.  But nothing too heavy or emotional, please, because you're on the move.  

Oh, how short is the attention span, when the Moon is in Gemini. There's a restlessness in the air. We want to be out and out, seeing new things and socializing. Tell me something funny or fascinating, we say!

If you're working on an idea, now is the time for stream-of-consciousness brilliance to blow in like a zephyr.  Gemini is the first air sign, and as refreshing as a fizzy drink on a hot day.  The time for finding meaning comes later, but for now, it's all about dancing with possibilities.  

Guys and gals with Moon in Gemini love to learn new things, and are endlessly curious.  It's an ideal time to go load yourself down with a teetering stack of books and videos from the library.

Watch out though for nervous jitters, with this being an anxious, mutable sign.  On these days, carry a hematite stone, which is associated with Mercury (Gemini's ruler) or other grounding crystals.  

Make sure you take in uplifting images and ideas, instead of hitting one note (especially if it's dark).  

Social Buzz 

It's a great time to catch up with friends, or send out lots of emails and text messages. The communication is short and fast. We meet n' greet, but aren't in the mood for anything too heavy. We are exchanging tidbits, facts, witty observations. It's a good day for tying up loose ends, as long as no serious thought is required.

Gemini is a very verbal sign, but in short spurts.  You might send a lot of texts, but be hard-pressed to return wordy emails.  Postcards are favored over hand-written letters (for those that still do that sort of thing).  You might write under a pseudonym, and express a different side of your personality.  

It's stellar for an open air party, and even one that's a bit public, to allow for the random passers-by (depending on your 'hood).  The urge is to hear from many angles, and take in all kinds of impressions.

Mix it Up

It's time for experimentation, perhaps mashing up your personal style. You might change your outfit many times, or coax out one of your lesser known personalities. Watch out for the appearance of the evil twin, who utters things that you don't really mean, just to say them. There may be no rhyme or reason for behavior-thoughts-feelings today, and it's all okay.

Favored Things to Do When the Moon is in Gemini: play with children; talk with your siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins; go shopping; attend a festival of shorts (theatre, films); collect leaves or identify local mushrooms; experiment with your style; add some flair to your Facebook profile; tell some funny jokes; create a collage; go on a short trip; take a trip to the library or bookstore; flirt and smile at strangers; create an alias

The Moon sets the emotional tone as it transits through the Zodiac signs. It changes signs every 2 1/2 days. You can work with this rhythm to "go with the flow" of the Moon. You can use it to know the general feeling tone to expect.