The Tranquillo Meaning In Music

Jacques LOIC/Getty Images

Tranquillo means to play in a calm and relaxed tempo, at about 80 BPM. Tranquillo translates to "tranquilly; calmly."

BPM of Tranquillo:

Synonyms of Tranquillo:


  • trahn-KWEE-loh

Commands Similar to Tranquillo:

  • moderato - to play in a reasonable, “moderate” tempo; also used in musical titles.
  • solenne - literally "solemn"; to play with quiet reflection. Solenne is commonly seen in the titles of musical compositions, as in the first movement of Busoni's Piano Concerto in C, Op. 39 – Prologo e Introito: Allegro, dolce e solenne.
  • tempo ordinario - play in a moderate speed; an "normal, ordinary tempo."
  • larghetto - somewhat slow; slightly faster than largo.

More Italian Music Commands:

  • : "from nothing"; to gradually bring notes out of complete silence, or a crescendo that rises slowly from nowhere.
  • decrescendo: to gradually decrease the volume of the music. A decrescendo is seen in sheet music as a narrowing angle, and is often marked decresc.
  • delicato: “delicately”; to play with a light touch and an airy feel.
  • : very sweetly; to play in a particularly delicate manner. Dolcissimo is a superlative of "dolce."
  • leggiero / leggiermente: “lightly; delicately.” May refer to volume, articulation, and/or physical technique. Leggierissimo means to play extremely lightly.