Training Equipment for Cheerleaders

Products to help you in your cheerleading

The following products are reasonably priced and will help you to improve your cheerleading skills or provide relief for injuries. They also make great gifts for cheerleaders, coaches or cheer programs.

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Cheerleading Stunt Strap

Cheerleading Stunt Strap from Core Athletics
Cheerleading Stunt Strap from Core Athletics. Core Athletics

It's hard to believe one small product can do this amount of work, but that's how it is with the stunt strap. Use the stunt strap to help you stretch so that you can pull a scorpion or heel stretch.

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Full Up Machine

Core Athletics's and Scott "Crasher" Braasch's, Full Up Machine
Core Athletics's and Scott "Crasher" Braasch's, Full Up Machine. Core Athletics

I have seen this product demonstrated both on YouTube and in person. I was really amazed at how quick the demonstrator took to it and mastered the use of it. It's well constructed, and the design and theory behind it come from a collaboration between Core Athletics and Scott "Crasher" Braasch, two well-known figures in the world of cheerleading.

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Tumbl Trak Open Shoulder Trainer

Open Shoulder trainer.

The Open Shoulder Trainer is easy to use and doesn’t allow athletes to drop their shoulders on handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, limber walkovers and other skills that require an open shoulder technique.

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Bruise MD

BruiseMD Cooling Gel - Homeopathic Remedy Accelerates Healing of Bruises
BruiseMD Cooling Gel - homeopathic remedy accelerates healing of bruises. BruiseMD

BruiseMD has a variety of different products to help accelerate the healing of bruises along with relieving pain, soreness and inflammation. I used the BruiseMD cooling gel (which contains Arnica) and found the product worked as advertised. It was pleasant smelling, had a great cooling effect and did relieve the pain and soreness at the site of my bruise.

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Knee Bands

Core Athletics Knee Bands for Cheerleading
Core Athletics knee bands for cheerleading.

If you're looking for one piece of equipment that will do many things, this is the one to own. The Cheerleading Knee Bands will help you increase your strength, endurance, and speed.

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Tumbl Trak Balance Disc

Tumbl Trak Balance Disc - Increase Your Balance and Recovery
Tumbl Trak Balance Disc - increase your balance and recovery. Tumbl Trak

The Tumbl Trak Balance disc will make a great addition to any workout program. It's versatile, durable and inflatable for adjusting. You can not only use it to increase your balance and improve your recovery time, but also to work on your methods of recovery and your overall fitness and flexibility. And because it's so affordable, no gym or home training program should be without one.

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Back Handspring Trainer from Core Athletics

Core Athletics Back Handspring Trainer
Core Athletics Back Handspring Trainer. Photo © 2007 Valerie Ninemire

The Core Athletics' Back Handspring Trainer is the first piece of equipment of its kind. After thoroughly testing this product, Core Athletics felt like they had developed something that would revolutionize the way cheerleaders learn back handsprings and in my opinion, they have. If your program teaches back handsprings, then an investment in the Back Handspring Trainer should be at the top of your list of equipment.

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Cheerleading Stunt Stand

Stunt Stand.

The Stunt Stand® flyer training device includes 5 adjustable inserts used to simulate different levels of difficulty for flyers to progressively perfect any stunt at any level of cheerleading! The design of each stunt stand insert mocks the 'feel' of a grip, allow the flyer a realistic training session using the device.

The company is so certain that you will love it, that they guarantee you will see results in your flying skills or they will refund your money as part of their 30-day money back guarantee!

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Fly Pro® Stand

Fly Pro Stand.

For those of you across the pond, Fly Pro® is a new company in the UK who has put their 'spin' on the stunt stand. The Fly Pro® Stand has been specifically designed to encourage maximum muscle memory in stretches, twist mounts and develop core stability.

The Fly Pro® Stand is adjustable to 3 heights, which make it suitable to fit any height, age or level athlete. It also features the versatility of the ‘pin lock’ system allowing for a stationary or moveable foot platform.

It comes in a wide range of colors and is even customizable to feature your team colors.

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The Top Tumbler

Top Tumbler.

Is it a Handspring Trainer? Is it a Vault?

The Top Tumbler is both! The new Top Tumbler from Tracks 2000 can be used not only for teaching and spotting handsprings it also comes with a sturdy and custom made base locking the Tumbler in place making a perfect Jr Vault, two pieces of kit in one.

When using for back handspring training, it can be effective with minimum spotting to allow athletes to learn to power the skill themselves-- an important aspect of tumbling for all ages. In addition, this fantastic piece of equipment is available in three sizes to suit any team from Tiny on to Super Senior.

Edited by Christy Mitchinson