Traditional Gifts to Please a Grandma

For the Old-Fashioned, Sentimental Grandmother

grandmother and granddaughter
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You know the type. The grandmother who really does bake cookies. The grandmother who wears her status proudly. The grandma who wears aprons and grows geraniums. This is the grandmother that you really don't want to forget on birthdays, Mother's Day and Grandparents Day. Look at this list and find perfect gifts for grandma.

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Grandmother-Granddaughter Apron Set

apron set for gift for grandmother and granddaughter
Feminine but not fussy, these aprons are perfect for a grandmother-granddaughter duo. Courtesy of

Grandmothers and granddaughters will enjoy their time in the kitchen when they are wearing these adorable aprons. These all-cotton cuties have adjustable ties at neck and waist and two deep pockets. Small version fits kids to age 7. Larger version fits most adults.

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Ceramic Mason Jar for Cookies

cookie jar gift for grandma
Traditional styling makes this cookie jar a winner. Courtesy of

Is there anything that says "grandma" more than a cookie jar? And this one is vintage and classic and retro all at the same time. The caption says "Fresh Homemade Cookies," so this is perfect for the grandma who likes to bake. 

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Willow Tree "Generations" Figurine

willow tree generations figurine gift for grandmother
Many grandmothers like the distinctive look of Susan Lordi's Willow Tree designs. Courtesy of

Willow Tree makes lovely collectible figurines, and now there are several that honor grandparents. Sculpted by Susan Lordi and then cast in resin, each simply but eloquently suggests the love between a grandparent and a child. The Generations version includes mom.

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Grandmother and Granddaughter Bracelet

grandmother-granddaughter bracelet set great gift for grandmother
What's better than a grandmother bracelet? A grandmother bracelet and one for a grandaughter1. Courtesy of

Grandma bracelets are a favorite way of sharing your grandmother status, but sharing a beautiful bracelet with a granddaughter is an extra bonus. These by Angelstar combine "love" and "forever" elements with sparkly beads and a heart charm. They are strung with elastic for easy fitting.

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Grandparent Journal

Give Grandma a beautiful Grandma's journal with old-fashioned illustrations by Jim Daly.
Give Grandma a beautiful journal with old-fashioned illustrations by Jim Daly. Photo © Harvest House Publishers

Memory books make it easy for grandmothers to share their memories and values with their grandchildren. They come in all styles. I have a long list of grandparent journals to choose from. Find the one that's perfect for your grandma.

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Gardener's Scoot

garden scoot gift for grandmother
Pneumatic wheels help this garden scoot move easily on most surfaces. Courtesy of

This gardener's scoot will allow even grandmothers with tricky knees to work in their yards. The handle lets you pull it like a wagon and then locks in place to serve as a hand hold. It rolls easily on hard surfaces, but may be hard to maneuver in soft soil. Tools are not included.

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Brother Embroidery Machine

Brother embroidery machine gift for grandmother
This is the perfect gift for crafty grandmothers and those who like to sew. Courtesy of

 Know a grandmother who loves needlework but is always short on the time to do it? This Brother embroidery machine just might be the perfect gift for her. Sure, it costs more than the other items on this list, but some grandmothers are worth it. 

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Vintage-Look Serving Pieces

vintage-look serving pieces gift for grandma
Grandma can get the conversation started with these cunning serving pieces. Courtesy of

These cunning vintage-look serving pieces will delight the grandchildren. Grandma will also love using them when she has friends over. They are perfect for coffee or tea and small snacks. Made of stainless with a bronze patina, these pieces are great conversation starters. 

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Soft Throw from Lush Decor

soft throw for a gift for a grandma
This soft throw combines beauty and comfort. Courtesy of

Grandma will love this patchwork-look throw that is softer than any quilt. It's reversible for versatility and machine washable for easy care. Grandma will enjoy its extra touch of warmth on a chilly night, as long as she can get it away from the grandkids.

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eZstep Slippers

cute and comfy slippers make a good gift for grandma
Cute and comfy slippers make a good gift for a grandma. Courtesy of

These lightweight slippers are good for year-round use. The rubber sole makes them non-slip. The fluffy rosette makes them adorable. Available as shown or in a perky teal shade.