Tour Edge: Makers of Bazooka Golf Clubs and Exotics

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Tour Edge (known as "Tour Edge Golf" until they dropped the "Golf") is a golf equipment manufacturer based in the Chicago area in Illinois.

Tour Edge is best-known for its long-running family of Bazooka golf clubs, plus the Exotics brand of clubs. The original market niche of Tour Edge was value-priced, game-improvement clubs for the recreational golfer. But in the mid-2000-aughts the company ventured into the premium market, too.

The company's website is

Where are Tour Edge Clubs and Equipment Sold?

Tour Edge clubs are available at retail outlets around the world. A Retailer Search page on the company's website lets customers in the United States search for local retailers.

Golfers in other countries should visit the International Sales section of the Tour Edge website to find their local options.

Tour Edge clubs are sold through many online retailers, as well, including Amazon. An online store is included in Tour Edge's website, as is a Tour Edge Pre-Owned store that sells used equipment.

What Equipment Does Tour Edge Make?

Tour Edge is a full-line manufacturer: drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters; plus full boxed sets, clubs for women and juniors, and golf bags.

Tour Edge is best-known for two specific families of clubs:

Bazooka Golf Clubs: Clubs carrying the "Bazooka" name have long been part of the Tour Edge product lineup. Bazooka was first used on drivers, and later used on other woods, hybrids and irons.

Bazooka drivers have always been maxed-out in clubhead size and game-improvement design, with the focus on distance and more distance for recreational golfers.

And all Bazooka-branded Tour Edge clubs fall into lower price points compared to most of the equipment on offer from the major-label manufacturers.

Exotics: In 2005, Tour Edge decided to enter the super-premium market with clubs branded "Exotics." The Exotics franchise introduced high-end materials and much higher prices (relative to Bazooka) to the Tour Edge stable.

Exotics also introduced the term "brazing" (or "combo-brazing") to the golf world. Exotics drivers, fairways woods and hybrids have no internal welding; "brazing" refers to a laser-formed chemical-bonding of metals. That approach saves weight and has benefits for clubface "springiness" and ball speeds.

A Little Tour Edge History

David Glod, who was a college golf teammate of Lee Janzen and Rocco Mediate at Florida Southern University, founded Tour Edge out of his garage in 1985. He saw an opportunity in the rising prices of the golf equipment market at the time to build a company with a more value-oriented approach.

The first Tour Edge-branded clubs came on the market in 1987, and the company focused only on drivers and fairway woods in its earliest days.

The company attained a higher profile beginning in the 1999/2000 time frame when it jumped on a new trend in golf equipment, hybrids, with its first utility club, the Lift-Off Iron-Wood.

Maxed-out Bazooka drivers promised distance, and in 2003 Tour Edge offered one of the first all-hybrid sets on the market, the Bazooka JMAX Iron-Woods.

The company entered the super-premium market in 2005 with the launch of Exotics. Unlike most other prominent golf club companies, Tour Edge does not pay professional golfers to use its clubs.

Today, Tour Edge continues to make Bazooka clubs, Exotics clubs, and has a large array of clubs under other names, too.

How to Contact Tour Edge

The mailing address of Tour Edge is:

Tour Edge Golf Mfg., Inc.
1301 Pierson Drive
Batavia, IL 60510

The company's toll-free phone number is 800-515-3343. Visit for more options, including contact info for international clients and customers.