10 Totally Relatable Tripp and Tyler Sketches

This comedy duo offers a snarky take on how not to behave in public.

Ever been stuck on a boring conference call, been annoyed by people taking selfies, or messed up when attempting to give a cool high-five? If so, you will totally relate to the kind of humor offered by comedy team Tripp and Tyler.  

Tripp Crosby and Tyler Stanton have produced hundreds of YouTube videos about what not to do in life.  In fact, their helpful and hilarious videos even lead to a book deal. Stuff You Should Know About Stuff (BenBella Books) was released in 2014, and offers a useful and snarky view on how NOT to behave in public in today's world.

Here are some of the best Tripp and Tyler videos to date!

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A Conference Call In Real Life


Anyone who has ever been on a business conference call knows that they really nailed this one!  When this video first came out, all of my corporate friends shared it all over Facebook, saying stuff like, "Oh my god, this is soooo my life!"

From the awkward, stilted conversations and barking dogs to the constant interrupting and problems getting (and staying) on the call, this is pretty much exactly like a real business call.  Except funnier.

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Things You Can't Do When You're Not A Toddler


Toddlers are strange little people who literally have no shame, but what happens when a grown man acts like a three year-old?  Watch the clip to find out... and trust me, it's awesome.

While toddlers can get away with walking around naked, blurting things out, and filling their pants with dookies in the middle of a crowded party, these behaviors aren't quite as acceptable (or cute!) when performed by a hairy thirty-five year-old man.

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Sh*t Nobody Says


We've seen Sh*t My Dad Says, so now we get to laugh at Sh*t Nobody Says.  This sketch is hysterically simple; it's just a dude saying things that nobody really thinks, like:

"Twilight deserves an Oscar."

"Beatles suck!"

"I'm so glad I ate six Chalupas."

And my favorite (because I'm 12):

"Mmm, fart."

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An Honest Facebook Movie


 Remember back in 2013 when Facebook gave all of its users a personalized nostalgic video looking back on all the time they'd wasted on the social network?  Tripp and Tyler remember.

Here we see what a refreshingly honest Facebook movie might look like, without all of the bravado and out-and-out lies that most of our movies contained.

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Selfies Anonymous


Do you take too many selfies, or do you know someone who does?  If so, maybe you need to attend a meeting for Selfies Anonymous, a 12 step program to help people stop being insufferable selfie-takers.

This group shows no mercy to the girls who do an awkward pose in order to look thinner in their self-portraits, men who take mirror selfies with the flash still on, and other selfie offenses.

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Things You CAN'T Do When You're Not A Dog


 Much like toddlers, dogs can get away with a lot of stuff that humans can't.  Stuff like butt-sniffing, pooping on the sidewalk, begging at mealtime, and humping legs.  Nope, you definitely can't get away with that kind of thing when you're not a dog.

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High Five Etiquette


Here we get some advice on the do's and don'ts of high fiving!  This clip offers invaluable bro advice like never high five at a funeral or while using a urinal (duh), and what to do if you get your signals crossed and one person does a fist bump while the other goes for a high five.

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Christian Tingle (Part 1)

Via YouTube/TrippandTyler.

"If you're looking for someone to date, other than Jesus, look no further than Christian Tingle dot com."

This funny take on online dating sites makes us laugh and feel slightly uncomfortable... just like real dating profiles!

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DVR Paranoia with Tripp & Tyler

Via YouTube/AboveAverage.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the number of shows on your DVR ("showverwhelmed"), these fictitious lawyers can help! Tripp and Tyler team up with the Above Average YouTube network for this funny sketch. 

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How to Make Work Better (Office Lifehacks)

Via YouTube/TrippandTyler.

If you're looking for some truly terrible work advice that will almost definitely lead to you getting fired, Tripp and Tyler are your guys! 

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