Top 10 Zac Brown Band Songs

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#10. The Wind

the wind single cover
'The Wind' single (2012). Image courtesy of Atlantic Records

By country music standards, Zac Brown Band‘s songs are relatively new. In just a few years’ time, the band has successfully won the hearts of unsuspecting fans everywhere with their fun, easygoing nature and endless stream of hit songs. Read more about these Top 10 Zac Brown Band songs.

"The Wind" tells the story of separated sweethearts whose love can overcome any geographic obstacles. The uptempo song was the first single released from Uncaged, the band's third studio effort. Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butthead, directed the tune's quirky animated video.

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#9. Whatever It Is

whatever it is acoustic single cover
Zac Brown Band - 'Whatever It Is (Acoustic)' single (2009). Image courtesy of Atlantic Records

In "Whatever It is," a girl has got that special thing that makes a man fall in love. He isn't quite sure what it is, but he knows he wants more. This song from The Foundation is one of the band's most sentimental tunes, and its heart-on-the-sleeve devotion took it to No. 2 on the country charts.

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#8. Make This Day

you get what you give album cover
You Get What You Give (2010). Image courtesy of Atlantic Records

Living for today is a common theme in Zac Brown's songs. It comes up again in "Make This Day," whose swinging feel invites comparisons to the Brian Setzer Orchestra.


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#7. Free

the foundation album cover
The Foundation (2008). Image courtesy of Atlantic Records

A couple lives in an old van and "travel all across this land." They don't need money, they just need love. The tune starts out plaintive and builds in power over its three-minute run time. "Free" topped out at No. 1 on the country singles chart and was nominated for Best Country Song at the 2011 Grammy Awards.

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#6. Colder Weather

colder weather single cover
'Colder Weather' single (2010). Image courtesy of Atlantic Records

In this story song, a couple are kept apart by a man's rambling ways. Can the man change his "gypsy soul" that was "born for leavin'"? For songwriter Wyatt Durrette, "Colder Weather" represented "impossible love where geography or timing gets in the way of it, and it's just not possible."

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#5. As She's Walking Away

as she's walking away single
'As She's Walking Away' single (2010). Image courtesy of Atlantic Records

The country group collaborated with Alan Jackson for this affecting love song. It's about romantic taking opportunity when it knocks. Alan Jackson offers some paternal advice: "Roll the dice and have faith."

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#4. Knee Deep

knee deep single cover
'Knee Deep' single (2011). Image courtesy of Atlantic Records

Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffett set sail for a permanent vacation in a tropical destination. It's all aboard for good times in this hit song from the group's second album You Get What You Give.

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#3. Chicken Fried

chicken fried single cover
'Chicken Fried' single (2008). Image courtesy of Atlantic Records

"Chicken Fried" appeared on 2006's Home Grown before Zac Brown re-recorded it for The Foundation, turning it into a hit. The tune pays tribute to Southern cooking and down-home living before ending on a patriotic note. It surpassed Taylor Swift's "Love Story" to land the No. 1 spot on the country charts.

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#2. Keep Me in Mind

keep me in mind single
'Keep Me in Mind' single (2011). Image courtesy of Atlantic Records

This R&B-flavored song is bristling with energy. A man holds out hope that's he'll be the consolation prize for the girl he loves. Cause "somewhere down the road you might get lonely." That doesn't sound like much of a strategy, but it sounds remarkably fresh with an arrangement that seesaws between party tune and slow jam.

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#1. Toes

the foundation album cover
The Foundation (2008). Image courtesy of Atlantic Records

This summer song is perfect listening for any season. A man goes to Mexico where he loses his money but learns that sometimes PBR is just as a good as Tequila. Wherever you are, the song teaches you that it's important to remember that "life is good today."