Top Ways to Win With Publishers Clearing House

Find Your Favorite Way to Win PCH Prizes

Many people know about Publishers Clearing House's famous multi-million-dollar giveaways, which you can enter through the mail or online. But did you know that there are a lot of other ways to win with PCH?

Publishers Clearing House has built their business by giving away huge prizes, awarding over $220 million since the company's foundation in 1967. Today, PCH has continued to expand this winning tradition by offering a variety of different online games, opening new revenue streams for the company — and new chances to win for you.

Here are some of the best methods to enter and win PCH giveaways.

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Enter Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes on

Euphoric marriage winning with a laptop at home
AntonioGuillem / Getty Images is the main website for Publishers Clearing House. On that site, you'll find entry forms for their multi-million dollar SuperPrize sweepstakes. You can enter there without having to use the postal service to mail anything back to them.

You can also find information about fighting sweepstakes scams, magazine subscriptions, unsubscribing from mailings, and other important questions.

Be aware, however, that when you enter online, you'll receive many, many offers you'll have to click through before submitting your entry form. Also, pay attention to how your email address will be used. Be sure to use a dedicated sweepstakes email to reduce the risk of unwanted emails arriving in your mail email accounts.

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Win the PCH SuperPrize and More Through PCH Search & Win

If you search the internet for information, you could win prizes at the same time, if you use PCH Search and Win.

Reister and every time you enter a search term into the search bar on the website, you could win prizes. These vary from smaller prizes like gift cards to major, multi-million dollar giveaways.

It really works, too. Million-dollar SuperPrize winner Natalie Bostelman made her winning entry through PCH Search and Win.

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Play and Win with PCH Games

PCH Games gives you the chance to relax or kill time with free online games while earning prizes at the same time.

By playing games like Mahjongg Minute, 60-Second Word Finder, or Jigsaw Puzzle Surprise, you earn tokens. You can redeem those tokens for entry into giveaways with prizes like free gift cards or drawings to win even more tokens.

The odds of winning the prize drawings are approximately 1 in 30,000 (more popular prizes can have longer odds, while the chances of winning less popular prizes can be better). But if you're having fun playing the games, the chance to win prizes is the icing on the cake.

Note that the site is ad-driven; you often need to wait for ads to display before you can play anything.

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Guess the Right Numbers and Win with PCH Lotto

If you like playing the lottery but you don't like paying for the chance to win, PCH Lotto might be the place for you.

To enter, pick numbers for five different lotto giveaways. Between each card, you'll see ads, which is how PCH Lotto makes its revenue.

After you've filled your five lotto cards, you'll see a number of partner offers (aka, more ads), which you can sign up for or skip.

Once all that is done, you'll get a chance to win instantly with a scratch-off style instant game.

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Browse News and Win with PCHFrontpage

 Like PCH Search & Win, PCHFrontpage gives you chances to win for searching for topics that interest you. PCHFrontpage gives you some additional options to win, however. 

Along with an internet search engine, PCHFrontpage gives you the top news headlines in one easy location.

Gather tokens for reading news articles, watching weather forecasts, viewing videos, checking the latest lottery results, or consulting your horoscope as well as for searching the net.

You can then exchange the tokens for chances to win from Publishers Clearing House.

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Gamble (Without Risk) and Win Millions at PCH Slots

 If you like playing slot machines but don't like to lose money, PCH Slots is a fun alternative. Play for free and you could win tokens that you can use to enter various giveaways. The more you play, the more drawings you can enter to win.

Plus, while playing PCH Slots you are automatically entered to win the PCH SuperPrize Drawing worth millions of dollars.

You can relax, have fun, and possibly become a millionaire, all at the same time.