The Top Information Technology Newsletters

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Whether you’re new to a field or have decades of professional experience, newsletters are a convenient way of keeping up with the day-to-day headlines and developments driving the industry. In no industry is it more important to stay on top of news and trends than in the tech industry. Technology is constantly outpacing other industries in developments. If you aren't actively trying to stay current, you're probably falling behind. Here are several information technology newsletters that can help you stay informed.

HN Digest

Hacker News (the "HN" in "HN Digest") was originally meant to be a more carefully curated, tech-focused Reddit—readers can't vote content up or down until after they have made significant positive contributions to the website themselves. Since its launch in 2007, it has become a source for all news that intersects with technology.

The site's newsletter delivers techy headlines of the day. It has earned subscribers from Linkedin, Microsoft, and other top tech companies. A cool feature of this newsletter is how easy it is to customize. You can choose the number of stories they’ll include in each newsletter and the frequency with which they land in your inbox.

Benedict’s Newsletter

Benedict Evans's pitch for his newsletter is pretty simple: "I've been doing a newsletter every Sunday since 2013—my notes for the week on the news that actually matters and what it might mean." That simple pitch belies the depth of knowledge that Evans brings to each issue. If something significant happened in the world of tech—even something that could later become significant—Evans probably has a well-researched take on it heading for your inbox.

If you read an issue and think, "this guy is too plugged-in to be a casual newsletter curator"—you're right. Benedict Evans is with Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. You may not recognize the name, but you will no doubt recognize the companies they invest in, including Airbnb, GitHub, Oculus VR, and a lot more.

The Fetch

You can only learn so much through headlines and think pieces, and that's where The Fetch comes in. Written by Kate Kendall, this newsletter emphasizes tech scenes in your city. The weekly newsletter collects what's happening in the local professional sphere, including the best events, conferences, and tech meet-ups. While the emphasis is on real scenes you can participate in, the newsletter also includes must-reads in business and tech news, with a bent toward what will be most helpful for technologists, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

Center for Data Innovation

Many newsletter curators use their newsletters as a side hustle while working on other projects. The Center for Data Innovation, however, is a nonpartisan nonprofit that's dedicated to sharing data that can help improve society. Its weekly newsletter keeps you updated on the data, public policy, and technology that's moving the world. Topics have included why the U.S. needs a strategy for artificial intelligence, data innovation, the internet of things, and smart cities. With this newsletter, you can be sure you're getting quality data and top-notch analysis.


TED talks are well-known for their inspirational and innovative content. While TED talks span genres, they're often forward-looking—and that means they often include elements of tech. If you want to keep abreast of new talks when they’re released, subscribe to the TED newsletter, which you can receive daily or weekly. In addition to being multigenre, this is also one of the more multimedia newsletters on the list. Each newsletter will include podcasts, videos, and interviews related to the content.

Hacker Newsletter

Hacker Newsletter is a bit of a double-dip, in that it also curates news from Hacker News, like HN Digest. However, it's worth including because it's curated by Kale Davis. Many newsletters—and many emails that end up in your inbox from businesses—use a service called MailChimp. Davis works in data at MailChimp, giving him nearly unbeatable bona fides in the newsletter world. That's why the newsletter has been featured by Smashing Magazine and Entrepreneur, to name just a couple.

IT World

You can sign up for six different newsletters at just one source through IT World. All newsletters are tech-heavy, but their specific areas of focus vary. Computer World, for instance, will keep you updated on news related to mobile devices, computers, apps, business software, and Windows. JavaWorld, on the other hand, is geared specifically toward programmers. If you're in more of a leadership role at work, you might benefit from following CIO for insight and advice related to managing, technology, business, and how they all intersect.