Top Ten Strollers Recommended for Fathers

A good quality stroller has become essential for families with babies and children.  Strollers make taking babies and children places and incorporating them into a family's everyday life just a lot easier. 

We can see parents using strollers in many settings.  More and more, dads are using a stroller to run or jog with the baby, shop at the mall, or keep them calm while dad is doing something else.  At the end of the day, a good quality stroller is an absolute must-have for any family with a baby.  

But some strollers are clearly better than others for fathers.  Obviously, moms are the target buying audience for stroller manufacturers, and they design the strollers to meet a mom's size and needs.  But dads are often taller - with longer legs and sometimes leaner frames.  

The strollers reviewed here seem to meet the needs of fathers and children equally and offer some good alternatives to more traditional strollers.

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Quinny Buzz

Quinny Buzz Stroller
If you are looking for a great 3 wheeled stroller for walking around town, the Buzz is an amazing choice. It is very easily maneuvered and folds up and unfolds with one hand. The handles are long and can extend, so tall dads can enjoy it as well. The seating unit rotates so baby can face in or out, and can accommodate a car seat or a bassinet. The front wheel swivels 360 degrees and the rear wheels are large and inflatable, so the ride is very comfortable. It looks really cool as well. It is a bit pricey, but has a great look.
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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Stroller

Jeep Wrangler Stroller
This Jeep themed stroller is great for any dad. If you are a Jeep fan, you will love the design. It is not a jogger or a hiker, but is a classy look around town. Front wheels have shock absorbers and it the cup holders and cell phone pockets are really convenient. It has a large basket and cargo area to hold the diaper bag or other storage, and the handles are well padded for long walks. The handles also extend so tall dads will appreciate the ability to walk upright. It is more of an umbrella stroller, so it is lightweight and convenient, and priced very competitively.
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Baby Jogger City Select Onyx Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select Onyx Stroller

This jogging stroller is a favorite among active dads, largely because it is so versatile. It can actually have up to 16 unique combinations of carrying a car seat at various levels to carrying a bassinet for the smallest ones to carrying both a car seat and an older child at the same time. Handles are adjustable for taller dads, and it folds up like a breeze. It also has a lifetime warranty, and that is good news for dads who use the stroller a lot.

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Bugaboo Frog

Bugaboo Frog Stroller
If you are not willing to walk behind a really unique looking stroller, the Frog may not be for you. But it is pretty popular among many dads because it is so unique. The wheels are inflatable and they have a great suspension system which makes going over uneven terrain, sand at the beach and curbs a breeze. The back wheel brace is off the ground so a tall dad won’t skin his shins pushing the baby around. It also can accommodate a bassinet and a car seat. It comes with a rain cover and a mosquito net for all your outdoor adventures. The price is a bit intimidating, but it is an extraordinary stroller for a dad who isn’t worried about the cost.
Chicco Cortina Travel System Manhattan

This set from Chicco comes with both a stroller and a car seat. The car seat will keep kids from 4 to 22 pounds safe, and the stroller will work for kids up to 50 pounds. The seat in the stroller looks extremely comfortable for a child, and it has a very nice 5 point harness. The handles adjust to meet the height of almost any dad, and the ever-important cupholders for parents are handy. A really classy ride for both you and your little one. More »

Keekaroo Karoo Stroller
The Karoo is an umbrella stroller made with dad in mind. It is a taller stroller in general, and the baby seat sits quite a bit higher off the ground than the standard stroller. So getting the little guy or gal in and out for a taller dad is much easier than usual. The back bar crossing the stroller that dads seem to always kick as they walk is moved quite a bit forward, allowing for a kick-free experience pushing the stroller. It is light and easy to handle. And I like how there is a transparent panel on the top so you see the child from above without looking around to the side. With comfortable padded shoulder straps, a easy to use five point harness and a generous storage basket, this is a superb umbrella stroller any dad will love. More »
Peg Perego Si Stoller
If you are looking for a smooth ride and a roomy stroller, the Si is a great choice. The wheels have 12 ball bearings each so they are sturdy and reliable. The handles extend so a tall dad can walk around without slouching at full extension. On board storage for cargo is larger than most strollers, and cup holders are convenient. The seat is well padded, including padded side wings that will give your sitting child a place to comfortably lean when tired. The harness is one of the easiest around to buckle and unbuckle. he seat also sits a bit higher off the ground that usual, so tall dads aren’t kicking the seat back as they walk. It is a bit pricier than other umbrella type strollers, but it is well built and easy to maneuver. More »
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BumbleRide Stroller

BumbleRide Stroller
The BumbleRide Flyer stroller is really a great choice for fathers, especially those who are a little taller. The handles extend 13”, which is quite a ways and the handlebar is reversible so you can have the baby face outward or inward. All wheels swivel which makes the ride very steady, especially when going backwards, but they can be locked in line if you prefer. This stroller also includes a five point safety harness and well padded shoulder pads for the little one. The Flyer is not a jogger or a hiker, but works great in an urban setting. It is a bit on the pricey side but if you use a stroller a lot, it is a good investment.
Baby Jogger Classic Double Stroller

If you are in the market for a double stroller, you should check out this option from Baby Jogger. It is not a jogging stroller, but is great for around the neighborhood. One dad I know took it to a Disney theme park for seven full days and loved it. Folds easily, and with the wheels removed, it is essentially flat for storage. There are three cup holders and a cell phone pocket in easy reach. The only downside to this stroller is that its on board storage is hard to get to with kids inside. The seats also fold down so that the kids can sleep reclining. This is one of the nicest double strollers I have seen. More »

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Inglesina 2010 Trip Stroller

Inglesina Trip Stroller for Fathers
The Inglesina strollers are known worldwide for their lightness and convenience. An upper end umbrella stroller, the Trip has a sporty look to it and is very compact to fit in the car. It holds a child up to 36 pounds, and appears to be very comfortable for the child. It has a medium sized storage basket, and the bottom wheel bar is high so you don’t trip on it. For an umbrella-type stroller, it is a great choice.

Things to Watch For When Buying a Stroller

These strollers are included in the list because they have strong positive reviews from fathers. When buying a stroller (whether these or others), make sure that they fit your frame. You want the handles long enough that we can reach them without bending over. The distance between the top of the stroller handles and the lowest basket on the stroller needs to be long enough that you don't kick the basket with every step. And having a spot for a water bottle and a cell phone near your hands is a nice feature for dads, too. Sign up for our daily deals newsletter
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