Top Songs by Marc Anthony

A compilation of salsa and Latin pop hits in English and Spanish

Marc Anthony singing live

Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

Considering the stature of the artist, the following top songs by Marc Anthony are intended to be a rough guide of the romantic sound this Latin music superstar has consolidated throughout the years. Let's take a look at this bilingual selection of Salsa and Latin Pop hits produced by one of the most popular Latino artists in the world.

"You Sang to Me" (From 'Marc Anthony')

The album Marc Anthony has been one of the most important works ever produced by the famous Latin music superstar. This production represented Marc Anthony's breakthrough album in the field of Latin Pop. "You Sang To Me," a romantic song with beautiful lyrics, was one of the singles that transformed Marc Anthony into a global star.

"Vivir Lo Nuestro" with La India (From 'Dicen Que Soy')

This collaboration work alongside La India was one of the first hits that Marc Anthony delivered in the field of Salsa music. "Vivir Lo Nuestro" is a powerful track not only for its romantic lyrics but also for the amazing singing of the two artists. This song became a huge hit among romantic Salsa fans.

"Nadie Como Ella" (From 'Todo A Su Tiempo')

"Nadie Como Ella" is one of the most popular Salsa songs by Marc Anthony. From the album , this track offers nice percussion and brass sessions. This is definitely a nice song to enjoy in a good Latin party.

"Palabras Del Alma" (From 'Otra Nota')

This track was one of the hit songs included in Marc Anthony's debut album . Thanks to this single and additional tracks such as "Hasta Que Te Conoci" and "Si Tu No Te Fueras," this album established Marc Anthony as one of the most influential singer in the romantic Salsa realm. "Palabras Del Alma" is a song where you can fully appreciate Marc Anthony's amazing voice.

"My Baby You" (From 'Marc Anthony')

"My Baby You" is another of the hits included in the popular album Marc Anthony. With phrases such as "You're my greatest love of all" or "You're the reason I could fly," this is probably one of the most romantic songs ever produced by Marc Anthony. Although the melody is slow and delicate, the bass and the drums add a powerful touch that reinforces the lyrics behind.

"Rain Over Me" With Pitbull (From 'Planet Pit')

A big chunk of the enormous success that surrounded Pitbull's Planet Pit, one of the best Latin music albums of 2011, was consequence of this track that the Cuban-American rapper recorded alongside Marc Anthony. With its vibrant rhythm, "Rain Over Me" is the perfect track for a night of dancing.

"I've Got You" (From 'Mended')

After all the success he enjoyed with his album Marc Anthony, the singer from New York did not wait for too long before venturing into his second English production. The title of that work was Mended, an album featuring several popular tracks including "I've Got You." Thanks to this song, Marc Anthony consolidated the Latin Pop style he had built with his first English work.

"Te Conozco Bien" (From 'Todo A Su Tiempo')

This is another outstanding hit from the album Todo A Su Tiempo. In terms of Salsa music, "Te Conozco Bien" is definitely one of the top songs by Marc Anthony. While this song is mainly shaped by its romanticism, "Te Conozco Bien" also offers an ideal melody to hit the dance floor.

"Contra La Corriente" (From 'Contra La Corriente')

From the album of the same name, "Contra La Corriente" is a song dealing with the failed attempt of trying to stop thinking about the person you love. In terms of its melody, this is another song with great lyrics and solid musical arrangements. The brass sessions on this tune are strong.

"I Need to Know" (From 'Marc Anthony')

In a technical way, "I Need To Know" is probably Marc Anthony's perfect Latin Pop song. This track was the most popular single of the hit production Marc Anthony thanks to the appealing combination of Pop vibes with a defined Latin flavor. To put it in a picturesque way, "I Need To Know" is where Carlos Santana's "Oye Come Va" meets Ricky Martin's "Livin La Vida Loca."