Top Skate Videos

Skateboarder doing a tail stall in bowl at skatepark

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The best skateboarding videos on the market, with a great mix of old and new, well known and hard to finds. Most skate company pumps out new skate videos, and it can be hard to know what's really worth the money. Check out this list for some great ideas on skateboarding movies and videos. Shaving down the list to only 10 is difficult — come back often to see new videos added and to get more ideas for the best skate videos.

The Search for Animal Chin by Powell / Peralta

The Search for Animal Chin by Powell / Peralta


The Search for Animal Chin is an 80's skate classic. It's the third video in the Bones Brigade series by Peralta - and now the series is on DVD! When Animal Chin, the master of skateboarding, goes missing, the Bones Brigade (Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, and Lance Mountain) goes on a search for him. The video is a must-see for anyone who cares about skating — it's different from the skate videos of today, more low, simple, and fun.

es Menikmati

es Menikmati
es Footwear

Menikmati features the skateboarding of Arto Sarri, Rodrigo, Rick McCrank, Ronnie Creager, Eric Koston, Bob Burnquist and Tom Penny. This video is clean and well shot, and the team's skateboarding is inventive and fresh. These guys consistently redefine what skateboarding can look like — for skateboarding inspiration, we highly recommend es Menikmati.

Birdhouse - The Beginning

Birdhouse - The Beginning
Birdhouse Skateboards

Well over 10 years ago, Birdhouse came out with the DVD, "The End". Now, they've come out with the sequel, "The Beginning", and it features one of the greatest skater teams put together since the Bones Brigade videos — Tony Hawk, Matt Ball, Steve Nesser, Brian Sumner, Willy Santos, Shaun White, and an amazing amateur team. This DVD was filmed all over the planet at special locations.


Yeah Right! DVD
Girl Skateboards

Yeah Right! is a great video, highly recommended for any skateboarding video collection. The Girl team does some great riding, and the video has enough extras to keep you focused, even without your Ridlin. Cool special effects, funny parts, and cameos make this video a one of a kind and a good buy. It's not the newest video on the block, but we still love it.

Element 'This is My Element'

Element - This is My Element
Element Skateboards

This is the newest Element video, starring Bam Margera, Mike Vallely, Chad Muska, Tosh Townend, Darrell Stanton, Nyjah Huston, Chad Tim Tim, Tony Tave, Brent Atchley and many more. It's a huge team of huge names.

If you are a Bam Margera fan, like half the skaters out there, then you might also want to check out "Elementality". It's a rare chance to see him in action with the Element team. It's taken Element 5 years to make a new skateboarding video - that's an insanely long time in skateboarding! With Elementality you get a look inside the Element skateboarding team, with riders like Bam Margera, Mike Vallely, Tosh Townend, Colt Cannon, and others. With a lineup like that, Elementality has something for everyone.

Dying to Live — Zero

Zero Dying to Live DVD

This video first hit the shelves in VHS in 2002. The Dying to Live DVD features all the footage from the tape with Jamie Thomas, Adrian Lopez, Matt Mumford, John Rattray, Chris Cole, Ryan Smith, Jon Allie, Ryan Bobier, and Lindsey Robertson. The Dying to Live DVD has a bonus footage montage section, Zero skatepark section, John Allie Sponsor Me Video, Extra footage, slow-mo parts and more. Dying to Live is packed with intense, skating and has an awesome soundtrack. The Zero video "New Blood" is also pretty hot. If you can afford the price tag, Zero has an Anthology DVD set with all their videos!

The DC Video - Deluxe Edition - by DC Shoe Co USA

The DC Video DVD

The DC Video is one of the most polished skate videos on the market. It raises the bar for skateboarding videos, bringing the experience from watching home skate movies to watching a finely polished skate movie, worthy of a big screen. The DC Video features Danny Way breaking two worlds records on his Mega Ramp, a stunt that is not only amazing but spawned a new event at the X Games! The Deluxe Edition adds a lot to the original, with more special features, improved music, and a full-color book.

411 '911' Video

411 911 DVD
411 Video Magazine

411 is a skateboarding video magazine, and we would recommend pretty much everything they make! But, for the most entertaining skateboarding DVD out there, check out 411's "911". The 411 crew has collected all the best bails, crashes, slams, groin racks, broken skateboards, and broken video cameras all in one place! We LOVE this stuff! If you're in the mood for some vicious skateboarding slapstick, pick up 411 '911'.

Opinion: by Globe

Globe Opinion DVD
Globe Shoes

An oldie but a goodie. "To each his own. Some group of riders are classified as teams. At Globe there are only riders." When making the Opinion: video, Whyte House tried to capture each rider's personality and style, letting each pick his own music and filming each skater in his best environment. Considering that Globe has an incredible skate team, the Opinion: video is awesome.

Opinion also features some of Rodney Mullen's best, most fun skateboarding.

Emerica - This is Skateboarding

Emerica - This is Skateboarding
Emerica DVD

"This is Skateboarding" is a great DVD set. The first disk features the skating of several pros, and the second is loaded with extra footage. The skating is solid, and the video has a very gritty, real, human feel to it. It leaves you feeling like you've watched a group of guys skate all over the place for two years, which is exactly what you have done. As far as team tour skate videos go, this one is one of the best. It'll make you wish you could join the team.