Reality Shows About Cleaning Your Home

Watch People Get Help for Their Hoarding Disorder

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Is it time to declutter your home? Reality television shows featuring decluttering were popular in the early 2000s. The most popular ones came to an end in that decade. These shows are the ones that were the most positive in outlook and could be educational for the viewer rather than focusing on hoarding behavior. Unfortunately, they are difficult to find in reruns and are not generally available to watch online or via DVD.

Meanwhile, the hoarding genre is prevalent, and many people find it inspirational to learn from the stories of those with hoarding disorder.

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Clean House

"Clean House" aired on The Style Network from 2003 to 2011. The original host was Niecy Nash until the final season, which was hosted by Tempestt Bledsoe. She went with her team to help save homeowners from their clutter. The team included Matt Iseman as the Go-To-Guy handyman, organizer Linda Koopersmith, designers including Mark Brunetz, Didi Snyder, and Michael Moloney and yard sale experts including Trish Suhr, Joel Steingold, and Allan Lee Haff.

This show was highly entertaining and had helpful tips that viewers could use for their own decluttering. The crew negotiates with the homeowners to sell items at a garage sale to fund a $1000 makeover for their home.

The Style Network was relaunched as Esquire Network in 2013, and the Clean House episodes do not appear to be available on their website, nor do they appear to be available on DVD. Episodes are listed at and any upcoming airings would be listed there.

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This show, in several incarnations, is the reality house cleaning show that is most currently available. Episodes are also available online at A& The episodes focus on people who have compulsive hoarding disorder. The show has been top-rated for A&E.

The featured homeowners with hoarding disorder may be assisted by a psychiatrist or psychologist, an organizational specialist, and cleaning specialists. The show provides six months of funding so the homeowner can continue therapy and get assistance with cleaning and repairs.

Viewers who enjoy the show say that it inspires them to clean their own homes as well as making them feel better about the extent of their own messy homes. It may enlighten some people or their families to get their treatment for compulsive hoarding disorder.

The series premiered in 2009, and it has continued through different variations.

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Clean Sweep

"Clean Sweep" aired for two seasons on the TLC network from 2003 to 2005. It had a format similar to "Clean House." The host, an organizer, designer, and carpenter helped a family dig out from under their clutter. They select two rooms to transform and sort the contents into Keep, Sell, and Toss. Then they have a garage sale while the design team and carpenter remake the rooms with better storage and functionality.​

From TLC: "In every episode, our team of ruthless, yet talented, experts will help homeowners dramatically transform two areas in their house from disaster areas to functional, stylishly organized living spaces."

The hosts were Stacey Dutton and Tavis Smiley, with organizers Peter Walsh and Shelli Alexander. Peter Walsh went on to star in "Extreme Clutter" on the OWN network.

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Mission Organization

HGTV aired "Mission: Organization" from 2003 to 2006. Host Gail O'Neill helped a homeowner redesign a room to resolve their clutter problem and organize a kitchen, bath, bedroom, or living space. She worked with top organizers, and the show was inspirational in finding solutions for organizational problems. Unfortunately, it is another show that no longer appears available on the air or online.