Top 20 Sexy Country Love Songs

Steamy Songs for You and Someone Special

Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Perform At Staples Center
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 If you love love, you'll love these twenty hot and steamy love songs from some of country music's top voices. Whether it's men loving women or the other way around, there are plenty of lyrics to get you and partner in the mood.

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Jake Owen: "Long Night With You"

startin with me album cover
Image courtesy of RCA Records

After a hard day's work, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. His lady has a few ideas on who that's going to be.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "One of those nights where we don't sleep. The two of us fittin' like a puzzle piece. Turnin' up the heat with the lights down low."

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Tanya Tucker: "Would You Lay With Me (in a Field of Stone)"

tanya tucker 16 biggest hits album cover
Image courtesy of Columbia Records

Who can say no to Tanya Tucker? The country singer offers some provocative scenarios in this hot and heavy song, written by none other than David Allan Coe.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "Would you lay with me in a field of stone? If my needs were strong, would you lay with me?"

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Alan Jackson: "I'll Go on Loving You"

high mileage album cover
Image courtesy of Arista Nashville Records

Alan Jackson finds his inner Barry White in this love song that's sure to send chills up many a spine. Don't worry, ladies, you're in safe hands with this cowboy Casanova.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "When I look into your soft green eyes, when I see your delicate body revealed to me as you slip off your dress, I'm reminded that what I feel for you."

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Conway Twitty: "I'd Love to Lay You Down"

conway twitty's love songs album cover
Image courtesy of MCA Nashville Records

The sex only gets better with age, according to Conway Twitty. He doesn't mince words when it comes to telling his old lady how he feels. Hope she's up for it.

Sexy Country Song Lyrics: "I won't talk of starry skies or moonlight on the ground, I'll come right out and tell you, I'd just love to lay you down."

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Toby Keith: "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This"

how do you like me now album cover
Image courtesy of Dreamworks Nashville Records

Friends turn into lovers in this Toby Keith slow-jam. Miracles happen on the dance floor, and kissing is the universal language. Yee-haw!

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "You shouldn't kiss me like this unless you mean it like that. Cause I'll just close my eyes, and I won't know where I'm at."

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Keith Urban: "Raining on Sunday"

golden road album cover
Image courtesy of Capitol Nashville Record

A weather report of scattered showers is great news for a pair of lovers who like to spend the day indoors. Day of rest, indeed.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "Pray that it's raining on Sunday, stormin' like crazy, we'll hide under the covers all afternoon."

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Loretta Lynn: "Wings Upon Your Horns"

greatest hits volume 2 loretta lynn album cover
Image courtesy of MCA Records

Loretta Lynn succumbs to sin in this double-edged cut that's equal parts love song and guilt trip. C'mon, admit it: Being bad feels pretty good.

Sexy Love Song Lyrics: "With your sweet smooth-talkin' ways, you turned a flame into a blaze the night I let you hang my wings up on your horns."

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Tim McGraw: "Let's Make Love" (with Faith Hill)

greatest hits album cover
Image courtesy of Curb Records

Faith Hill makes husband Tim McGraw an amorous offer he can't refuse in this sexy love song that first steamed up Hill's "Breathe" album.

Sexy Country Song Lyric: "Let's make love all night long ​until our strength is gone. Hold on tight."

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Chris Young: "Gettin' You Home"

the man i want to be album cover
Image courtesy of RCA Records

Going out to dinner is nice, admits Chris Young, but the real evening begins back home. Waiter, check!

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "Walking through the front door, seeing your black dress hit the floor. Honey, there sure ain't nothin' like you lovin' me, all night long."

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Rascal Flatts: "I Melt"

melt album cover
Image courtesy of Lyric Street Records

Candles are the prelude to amorous action in this sultry hit from Rascal Flatts that could have been about patty melts but isn't.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "I can feel the heat from across the room -- ain't it wild what a little flame can make you wanna do?"

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Gary Allan: "Nothing on But the Radio"

see if i care album cover
Image courtesy of MCA Nashville Records

Clothing is optional, but good music is a must, according to Gary Allan. You can create the right atmosphere at home with this romantic tune, co-written by Lee Brice.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "Feel the music playing soft and slow. You and me and the lights down low -- with nothing on but the radio."

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Kenny Chesney: "Come Over"

come over single cover
Image courtesy of Columbia Records

Time passes slowly when the other side of the bed is empty. And there's nothing like a little drunk dialing to make you forget all those promises. Experience Kenny Chesney at his best. 

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "Forget about your friends, you know they're gonna say we're bad for each other, but we ain't good for anyone else."

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Miranda Lambert : "Fine Tune"

four the record album cover
Image courtesy of RCA Records

Miranda Lambert gets a long overdue tune-up from a mechanic who knows how to handle his tool. Enjoy the ride.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "I felt like I was dizzy, and I didn't think I could drive. You flipped a switch, hot-wired my gears, yeah you put me in line."

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Dierks Bentley: "Come a Little Closer"

modern day drifter album cover
Image courtesy of Capitol Nashville Records

After an argument, Dierks Bentley wants to make up—the fun way. With words as carefully chosen as this, it's clear everything's going to be all right.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "There ain't nothin' that love can't fix. Girl, it's right here at our fingertips. So come a little closer baby, I feel like layin' you down."

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Lady Antebellum: "Need You Now"

need you now album cover
Image courtesy of Capitol Nashville Records

You're a little drunk, it's one in the morning, and it's totally not a good idea. But hey. A booty call never sounded so tasteful than on this musky duet from Lady Antebellum.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "Said I wouldn't call but I've lost all control and I need you now. And I don't know how I can do without. I just need you now."

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Gretchen Wilson: "Come to Bed" (with John Rich)

one of the boys album cover
Image courtesy of Columbia Records

When a couple has finished arguing about the heating bill and the scuffs on the kitchen floor, there's only one way to set things right. It has four legs, a mattress and a box spring.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "Yeah, we're both screamin'. But nobody's listenin'. Let's take this madness out of the kitchen."

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Kris Kristofferson: "Help Me Make It Through the Night"

kristofferson album cover
Image courtesy of Monument Records

Right and wrong don't have a place in the bedroom, according to this classic song from Kris Kristofferson that extolls the virtues of short-lived pleasures.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "Take the ribbon from your hair, shake it loose and let it fall. Layin' soft upon my skin, like the shadows on the wall."

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Faith Hill: "Breathe"

breathe album cover
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Records

Romance hits a climax for Faith Hill in this lovely ballad, where everything about two people (and their bodies) are completely in sync.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "Suddenly I'm melting into you, there's nothing left to prove, and baby all we need, is just to be."

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Billy Currington: "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right'"

doin somethin right album cover
Image courtesy of Mercury Nashville Records

Somebody's a natural at hitting all the right spots in his lady's...heart. This sexy Billy Currington tune definitely tops the feel-good charts.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "Don't know what I did to earn a love like this. But baby, I must be doin' somethin' right."

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Josh Turner: "Your Man"

your man album cover
Image courtesy of MCA Nashville

Josh Turner's subsonic vocals are a call to get the romance fired up. Lock the doors, indeed.

Sexy Love Song Lyric: "Baby lock the door and turn the lights down low. Put some music on that's soft and slow. Baby we ain't got no place to go. I hope you understand."