Top Sex Toys for Gay Men

Enhance your self-pleasure or sex with a partner with these top sex toys for gay men.
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Basset Hounds are great, but a fleshlight is a man's real best friend. Made with IFL's Real Feel Super Skin®, the fleshlight is a must-have sleeve. More »

The lube launcher is ideal for guys that need extra lubrication during sex. The thin applicator applies your favorite lube to those hard to reach places. Comes with three applicators and a tip cover.
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Remote Controlled Bullet Egg Vibrator

Add a game of hide and seek to your pleasure chest with the latest in hands-free toys. Keep the remote, pass the egg to your partner and count to ten. The remote activates bursts of vibration from up to 25 feet away.

Get the most out of your orgasm with the male g-spot stimulator. The plug promises a "dream orgasm" as it hits the prostate for intense pleasure. More »

Place the nipple suckers on yourself or your partner and squeeze the tip for light vacuum suction. The rubber pair measure 2" in height and 1.25" in diameter. More »

Stay ready. Stay clean. Fill the bulb with water, insert into anus and feel the rapid flow of water exit the nozzle. More »
Add the element of surprise to your play time with a fur-lined leather blind fold. The elastic band is one size fits all. More »