Essential Sam Hunt Country songs

Sam Hunt has made a big impression upon mainstream country music in a short while. Perhaps nobody mixes rap and R&B-like elements in with is country music any better than Hunt. He's a Southern boy, but he likely listened to as many soul slow jams as he did country tunes.

What you may not realize, however, is how good of a songwriter Hunt is. Some of his best songs are actually hits for other artists. These include "Cop Car" (Keith Urban), "Come Over" (Kenny Chesney) and "Love Somebody" (Reba). 

Hunt's biggest hit, to date, is "House Party." And as its title suggests, this one's about how if a girl doesn't want to go out and party this guy will gladly bring the party to her. It's not a great song, but it's a concept that hasn't been used yet -- certainly not in country music.

"House Party" might give you the impression Hunt is another one of those bro-country party boys, like Florida Georgia Line. And he might just be. But he's much deeper than many of his contemporaries. A good example of what separates him from his fellow country males is the song "Break Up in a Small Town." Instead of merely bragging about his small town life, as so many country artists are doing these days, Hunt speculates on how difficult it would be to break up with a girl while staying in a small town. It can't be easy. Everybody knows you and seemingly knows everything about your love life. It's bad enough to suffer, let alone do so with the small -- but nosy -- audience of a small town.

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Break Up in a Small Town

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Breaking up is hard to do, it's true. But it's even tough when that relationship-ending takes place in a small town. Everybody knows about it, and it's hard to get away from those memories.

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Cop Car

"Cop Car" was a big hit for Keith Urban. It stands out on the radio because the inside of a police vehicle is likely the last place where love might bloom. However, the song's lyric points out that it's not so much the locale, as it is the physical closeness of two people, that many times leads to romance.

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Come Over

Chances are good you didn't know this Kenny Chesney hit was written by Hunt. It's about the best booty call country song.

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Raised on it

"Raised on it" is Hunt's ode to his country way of life. It's a light song, lyrically, but a good one.

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Take Your Time

One of Hunt's quieter, more thoughtful songs, is "Take Your Time." It's one that mixes a piano ballad with -- dare we say it? -- rapped vocals.

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Leave the Night On

Sometimes there's nothing better than a good pun for a song title, and that's what Hunt did with "Leave the Night On."

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House Party

"House Party" is included here, not due to its quality, but because it's a hit and familiar to radio listeners. It's also on the list because, frankly, Hunt doesn't have a whole lot of music to choose from.

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We Are Tonight

Billy Currington recorded "We Are Tonight," a song about young people living the life they love.

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Love Somebody

When Reba records your song, as she did with "Love Somebody," there is little higher praise. This song became the title song to a Reba album, even better.

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Ex to See

Another fine pun song title is "Ex to See," which looks in on the complications of a relationship.

Sam Hunt has either written or recorded some significant songs during his young career, and these are ten of his best.