Top 10 Best Romantic Comedy Movies

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Although light-hearted romantic comedies have been made since the 1930s, it can be a challenge to find a movie that has the right balance of both humor and heart to satisfy everyone. The best movies for date night are funny enough for both women and men to enjoy, and still have a feel-good love story that is integral to the plot. For a few hours of love and laughs, the 10 best romantic comedies will get the job done.

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Love Actually (2003)

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Hugh Grant is no stranger to the romantic comedy genre. In the romantic holiday classic "Love Actually," Grant plays the newly-elected British Prime Minister in this ensemble film that has interconnected stories.

The Christmas theme is a nice touch but does not mean this one is just for watching during the holidays. The series of overlapping mini plotlines cross over in hilarious and touching ways to satisfy watchers of any gender all year round.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

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This little indie film grew from a $5 million project into one of the highest-grossing romantic comedies of all time, all because of positive word-of-mouth. If anything, this movie shows what a little help from a happy audience can do to promote worthy romantic comedies.

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is a unique story about a young Greek woman who falls in love with a non-Greek, creating complications for her family in approving her new beau. This film was cleverly written and features a top-notch ensemble cast with stars like Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, and Joey Fatone.

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When Harry Met Sally (1989)

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Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are wonderful in this romantic comedy about the trials and tribulations of friendships between men and women. Many people can identify with the problems characters Harry and Sally are having. They are two great friends who don't want to mess up their friendship by adding sex to the mix.

Ryan's restaurant scene is one of the most recognizable moments in movie history. College graduates, city goers, and otherwise platonic friends will especially enjoy this relatable film by director Rob Reiner.

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There's Something About Mary (1998)

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"There's Something About Mary" is a Farrelly Brothers movie that expresses a hilarious tale of love, jealousy, and persistence. Ben Stiller stars as a shy yet lovable loser who never gets over the love of his life, Mary (Cameron Diaz).

Everyone can identify with having a dream girl or guy in high school, and this movie takes you back with a tale of the geeks, popular girls, and adoration.

Hair gel will never be looked at the same way after checking out this comedy.

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Meet the Parents (2000)

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"Meet the Parents" is arguably more American comedy than romance. This is a great movie that addresses the feeling of anxiety and that what-can-go-wrong nervousness for the groom-to-be. To the character's dismay, and the audience's pleasure, everything goes hilariously wrong, starting with a terrible first introduction to the potential in-laws.

The DVD for "Meet the Parents" is worth the watch alone, simply for the opportunity to see Robert De Niro lose it while filming his scenes with Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. This romantic comedy gem was so well-received, it spawned two sequels and "Little Fockers."

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As Good as It Gets (1997)

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Helen Hunt won an Academy Award for her portrayal of a hard-working single mom and waitress who is the target of unwanted, obsessive attention from a dysfunctional, anti-social romance novelist (played by Jack Nicholson in an Oscar-winning performance).

This film will have you smiling by the end due to its magical screenplay. "As Good as It Gets" has been nominated for multiple awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actor and Best Picture. With a great supporting cast, including Greg Kinnear and Cuba Gooding Jr., "As Good As It Gets" truly is as good as it gets.

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The Wedding Singer (1998)

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"The Wedding Singer" is an irresistible romantic comedy, teaming Adam Sandler with Drew Barrymore. This film also features a classic cameo of rocker Billy Idol. This movie features the trope of the broken-hearted nice guy trapped in an ironic job: a wedding singer. When abandoned at the altar by his former fiance, he loses all hope — until things develop with Julia.

Set in the '80s, the film features some of the same music you hoped you would never hear again. But in this film, it doesn't seem as bad as you remembered. The pairing of Sandler and Barrymore adds special magic to this movie. The two would later re-team for the less-memorable romantic comedies, such as "50 First Dates" and "Blended." Fans of the 1980s will love this film.

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My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)

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Best friends Julianne Potter (Julia Roberts) and Michael O'Neil (Dermot Mulroney) make a pact to marry if they are still single at age 28. Julianne is getting close to her birthday, and it is time to make a move.

This is a classic rom-com and summer movie from the 1990s. This film features classic hits like "I Say a Little Prayer." Fans of comedies and musicals will love this relatable concept of friends who have made a romantic pact as children. Cameron Diaz co-stars as Michael's fiancée who has the unenviable task of competing with Julianne for Michael's love.

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A Life Less Ordinary (1997)

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A bit of an underrated gem, "A Life Less Ordinary" stars Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz. This is an entertaining film that mixes romance, comedy, and karaoke with angels masquerading as hit men.

This movie came and went quickly in theaters, but it is worth a look for those who like a little bit of fantasy mixed in with their romance. Different from the classical stories of romance, this science fiction romance is great for those who enjoy an unexpected thrill.

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Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

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Another romance featuring Hugh Grant, this British contemporary film explores the idea that love can be discovered even if you were, deliberately, not planning on it.

In this film, Grant is an amorous Englishman meets a gorgeous American at a wedding — creating a delightful and humorous plot. 

The cast is amazing and the intelligent script has an amusing storyline that makes "Four Weddings and a Funeral" a must-see and must-own romantic comedy.