Top Reasons Why Sales People Are Fun to Be Around

Sales professionals sometimes have a tough go of it. Either people summarily don't trust them (because all they want to do make a quick buck) or people think of them as a bunch of fast talkers who never know when (or how) to shut up. People will also label salespeople as jokesters, or worse, jesters

The reality is that you will find integrity problems, an over-abundance of gregariousness, and desire to make a quick buck in practically every occupation. There's also that age-old adage that says, "everybody is selling something, whether it's religion or radial tires." So, if you're a sales professional or work closely with salespeople, consider these top traits about why sales professionals have a lot to offer.

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Sales Professionals Handle Stress Well

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Sales is a very stressful way to spend eight to ten hours a day. Not only do sales professionals have revenue and profit quotas hanging over their heads, they also face a barrage of customer issues and product or service delivery challenges. Most also regular training classes to attend and must juggle personal things they need to handle on a given day.

This constant stream of stress affords sales professionals ample opportunities to learn how to effectively and efficiently excel under stressful conditions.

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Sales Professionals Know How to Get Things Done

Very few sales professionals have wide open calendars. In fact, any sales professional worthy of their position usually has more things to do in a given day than hours to do them in.

There's an old saying that if you want something done, give it to a busy person. 

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Sales People Are Highly Motivated

To be successful in sales, you need an arsenal of internal motivation. While sales professionals often attend seminars and sales-motivational events, without internal motivation, a sales professional will simply not enjoy long-term success.

Being around self-motivated people is far easier (and more enjoyable) than being around someone whose hobby is finding things to complain about. And, while self-motivated people may recognize the same "negative things" that they could complain about, instead of "going negative," they'll look for ways to solve the problems.

Being around problem solvers is much easier than being around problem regurgitators.

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Sales Professionals Have More Money to Spend

There are many things that motivate sales professionals but the most compelling is their ability to earn a substantial income. Sales has always been one of the highest paying careers in the U.S. and will certainly remain a well-compensated profession, no matter how low the Dow dips.

And, while income levels vary greatly depending on the industry, position, and location, successful, hard-working sales professionals do quite well when it comes to earning a living.

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Sales Professionals Bring Life to a Boring Party

Put together the four traits above and it becomes clear that salespeople should top the list of invitees to your next social get together. No longer will your guests leave your party because of boredom. Salespeople, in general, have opinions and have the confidence to express those opinions. They are trained in both listening and presentation skills, a unique combination.