Top 8 Reasons Men Cheat

Why Does He Have a Cheating Heart?

Reasons for Cheating are Not Excuses for Cheating

Having a cheating husband or boyfriend can affect not only the marriage, but also the self-esteem, security, and trust in the other partner.

Cheating can have devastating consequences. Cheating can happen for many reasons, and you may not be able to totally prevent it in your relationship. Whatever the reason, most men cheat when they are unhappy in the relationship or due to negative internal issues they have not yet dealt with.

Some say there is no excuse for cheating in a marriage. I agree but, saying the is a reason for cheating is not excusing the cheating. We all assign reasons to our behaviors so, it only makes sense that a cheating man or woman will be ready with a reason for their bad behavior. 

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Men Cheat Because They Crave Attention:

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Many things interfere with a couple's ability to feel valued in a relationship. Pressures from work, financial issues, children, and other family responsibilities can sometimes cause a couple to drift apart.

A man may feel neglected and be yearning for attention from his wife or girlfriend. When a wife does not give the attention they seek, a man may feel drawn into a relationship with someone else to fulfill that need for attention.

If a man has an injured since of self-esteem he may just need the validation from another man or woman that he doesn't feel he is getting in his relationship .

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Men Cheat Because They Aren't Getting Sex at Home:

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Several surveys have shown that men and women often complain of the difference in their sex drives and the lack of intimacy in the relationship.

If one partner withholds sex, or shows little interest, the other partner may fill that need outside of the relationship. By taking time for each other's physical needs, cheating may be prevented.

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Men Cheat Because The Other Woman Makes Them Feel Good:

Affair makes men feel good

It is easier to feel valued by someone who doesn’t have to pick up your dry cleaning or ask you to drop off the kids at soccer practice. The person a man cheats with does not have the outside pressures that plague a relationship, so the cheater can get all of that person’s time and attention.

People mistakenly believe that this is how a relationship should be, yet most of the time once pressures are put on a new adulterous relationship, the focus diminishes, the luster loses its shine and the realities of everyday life reveals the affair for what it is, just another relationship which will be influenced by outside responsibilities.

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Men Cheat When Sexual Desires and Libidos Differ:

Dueling Libidos

Couples need to have frank discussions about their personal needs for intimacy, what they like and dislike, and how often they need intimacy.

One person cannot read the mind of the other so, it is important that sexual needs be expressed.

One common complaint is low libido in women. I can understand a husband complaining BUT complaining doesn't illicit change in the situation.

If you have a spouse who is not meeting your needs, a wife whose libido is on the fritz cheating or complaining won't get her motor humming and solve the problem of her low libido.

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Men Cheat When They No Longer Find Their Wife Attractive:

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Feelings of depression, stress, or just being overwhelmed with the pressures of life can cause a woman to neglect her physical appearance and hygiene. Life can get in the way of a wife paying attention to her appearance.

It isn't uncommon for women to gain weight or relax and no longer pay attention to things that were important to them before the marriage.

If you are married to a man who works at staying in shape and healthy this can lead to big problems in the marriage. It is important for both spouses to take care of their physical appearance during the marriage.

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Men Cheat When They Are Cheated On:

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"Two wrongs don't make a right" but for some men, the only way to get over the anger of being cheated on is to cheat themselves.

There are also men who cheat to get back at every woman who cheated on him in the past. This guy is a real gem because, not only is he getting back at all women who've hurt him, he is also hurting all woman who choose to become involved with him and sincerely care about him.

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Men Cheat When They Are no Longer in Love:

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If he has lost that loving feeling he may not leave until he has someone new to go to. Or, he may choose to cheat and stay in the marriage because of a fear of losing his relationship with his children.

If a man is comfortable in the relationship, if it has become a way of life he may cheat instead of leave. Men in long-term relationships who have children are less likely to leave than men in short-term relationships.

For some married men, sex on the side seems less harmful than leaving people who have become dependent on them and the other way around.

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Men Cheat Because They Can:

Serial cheater men

Some men will never be happy with one person. They feel they have to continually seek the thrill of the chase and the conquest they desire.

Most of the time the cheating occurred even during the dating process, but it was forgiven, with the woman thinking marriage vows would change the situation. If a man is a serial cheater, divorce may be your only solution to the problem.