The Top 10 Perfumes for Women

Finding Your Signature Scent Has Never Been So Easy

 Maison Margiela

Choosing the perfect fragrance can be hard at times, but a blend of the right notes can instantly pick your mood up any day of the week. Having a perfume that's unique to you is imperative, as it's one way to leave your mark wherever you go, and people will certainly remember you by it. With everything that's available to you, how do you go about choosing the right one? Start with this list of top perfumes for women, and when you find the perfect one, you'll certainly know it right away!

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"Yes I Am" by Cacharel


Makeup addicts unite, this beautiful fragrance not only smells divine, it's lipstick bottle packaging is the perfect centerpiece for any beauty lover. A signature fragrance for the bold, independent woman, "Yes I am" delivers spicy and feminine notes making it a powerful and perfect empowering female scent. Feel your confidence soar everyday, "Yes I am" is a must-have perfume for any woman to feel their best.

Top Notes: Sparkling Raspberry, Zest Mandarin

Mid Notes: Addictive Amber, White Flower Bouquets

End Notes: Spicy Cremoso Accord

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"Women" by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein 

 A fresh and delicate floral scent, this fragrance from Calvin Klein is the perfect every day choice for women who want a light perfume that makes them feel and smell fresh. A fragrance solely inspired by women alone, each note contains elements that represent all of the unique qualities that involve feminine beauty, while delivering a smooth, light, romantic experience. A perfect choice for those who want just the right touch of femininity daily, you'll fall in love with this fragrance right away.

Top Note: Eucalyptus Acorns

Mid Note: Orange Flower

End Note: Alaskan Cedarwood

Pair it With: Calvin Klein "Women" Body Lotion, Calvin Klein "Women" Penspray

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"Lazy Sunday Morning" by Maison Margiela REPLICA

 Maison Margiela

As if the name wasn't appealing enough to catch your attention, this women's fragrance by Margiela is a soft, floral scent that creates the memory of velvety skin and crisp bedlinen. With an emphasis on evoking sensations of comfort, purity, and relaxation, it's the perfect choice for a pleasurable experience. REPLICA fragrances are all about re-creating memories that last a lifetime. Immerse yourself in the memory of a day where you felt beautiful, rested, sensual and had absolutely nothing to do. Everyone deserves a lazy Sunday morning, don't you think?

Top Note: Lily of the Valley

Mid Note: Iris

End Note: White Musk

Pair it With: Maison Margiela REPLICA "Lazy Sunday Morning" Rollerball

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"Flowerbomb" by Viktor and Rolf

Voktor and Rolf 

Hence the name "Flowerbomb", this explosion of flowers in a bottle will meet all your spicy, floral needs with just the right blend of sweet and warm notes, to create a memorable scent that will turn heads anywhere you go. Composed of deep amber, patchouli, vanilla, jasmine, and freesia, it's pure sensory overload in the best way possible, and certainly is a recognizable scent. Intoxicating and liberating, you'll never leave the house without a generous spritz. It's beautifully designed bottle by fashion designers Viktor + Rolf, resembles a pink faceted diamond that sits beautifully on any vanity display.

Top Note: Jasmine

Mid Note: Orange Blossom

End Note: Patchouli

Pair it With: Viktor and Rolf 20ML Eau de Parfum Spray

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"Simply Divine" by Diana Vreeland

 Diana Vreeland

As if the breathtaking bottle wasn't reason enough for you to purchase this perfume immediately, this intoxicating fragrance is an ode to the tuberose flower. Blending tuberose with green crushed leaves and a touch of nutmeg, everything ties together perfectly in the most simply divine way, hence the very fitting title. Orange flower, jasmine, and sandalwood add in all the floral elements for beautiful, long-lasting finish. In the mood to treat yourself? Pair it with the same scent in the candle and fill your home with this wonderful scent.

Top Note: Tuberose Flower

Mid Note: Jasmine

End Note: Indian Sandalwood

Pair it With: Diana Vreeland "Simply Divine" Scented Candle

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"Philosykos" by Diptyque


 Philosykos means "friend of the fig tree" in Greek, so the name is a total giveaway as to what notes make this perfume one of the most dreamiest scents ever. The green freshness paired with fig and black pepper give this fragrance just the right balance of sweet and clean, making it a total crowd pleaser. If you're someone who likes fresh and clean, you will absolutely love this and will want to keep it in heavy rotation for all your perfume needs.

Top Note: Fig

Mid Note: Green Leaves

End Note: White Wood

Pair it With: Philosykos Perfume Oil Roll-On, Philosykos Shower Gel, Philosykos Body Lotion

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"Arizona" by Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler 

 Disconnect from the world and re-connect with yourself with this stunning fragrance composed of creamy arris accord and cactus flower from Proenza Schouler. Arizona is not only a luxury fragrance, but a fashion statement as well, making it the perfect finishing touch to any outfit you choose to wear, tying the entire look together. The bottle design merges forms of nature and culture with organic angles that make it an architectural work of art. What's not to love?

Top Note: Living Cactus Flower Accord

End Note: Creamy Orris Accord

Pair it With: Proenza Schouler "Arizona" Shower Oil, Proenza Schouler "Arizona" Body Lotion, Proenza Schouler "Arizona" Dry Hair and Body Oil

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"Parco Palladiano XIV Melagrana" by Bottega Veneta

 Bottega Veneta

 This absolutely stunning fragrance collection by Bottega Veneta merges together flowers, berries, and herbs, for a complete olfactory dream come true. Melagrana brings together the soft scent of pomegranate with the delicate tone of sunlight, that inspires a long, relaxing walk in a flower garden. Mandarin, black currant, and cedarwood ground this fragrance making it a perfect choice for a special day such as weddings, or one you'll always want to remember.

Top Note: Blackcurrant Buds

Mid Note: Resinous Cedarwood

End Note: Ripe Pomegranate

Want to collect them all? Try these other scents from the collection, you're guaranteed to love each and every one!

Pair it With: Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano I, Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano V, Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano XII

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"English Oak and Hazelnut" by Jo Malone London

 Jo Malone London

All of your earthy and woody dreams come true with this perfume from Jo Malone London, inspired by an enchanted walk in the woods, the earthy element of vetiver, the freshness of green hazelnut and warm component of roasted oak combine to give you something extremely enchanting. Ideal for women that enjoy spicier scents versus floral, you'll be extremely pleased with the outcome.

Top Note: Green Hazelnut

Mid Note: Cedarwood

End Note: Roasted Oak

Pair it With: Jo Malone London Body Cream, Jo Malone London Geranium and Walnut Body Scrub, Jo Malone London Dry Body Oil

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"TAYLOR" by TRACE New York

 Trace New York

 This fresh fragrance mist is the perfect solution for all your perfume needs on the go. Formulated with three simple ingredients such as water, essential oils, and fragrance oils, there's nothing complicated about what makes it smell so good. The light-weight mist fomula makes it perfect to spray multiple times daily on the regular, whether you're headed to work or need something for after the gym. With notes such as bergamot, lemon, and pear, Taylor mist is refreshing and soft, making it the perfect companion to your beauty routine. Spray liberally on yourself, in your home, and on your linens for a delicate scent that lingers all day. It's multi-purpose use makes it unique to the competition, perfect for whatever you might want from a fragrance. Each batch of these mists are hand poured in a small studio right in the heart of New York City, making them the ideal treat for yourself, along with a great gift idea for the person who has everything.

Top Note: Bergamot

Mid Note: Pear

End Note: Musk

Pair it With: TAYLOR Oil

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