The Highest-Paying Careers for Women With the Best Growth Outlook

Top 11 Jobs for Women
Getty Images/Top 11 Jobs for Women

Whether you're a woman who's just beginning your career path or you have an opportunity to refocus, you could benefit from considering some of the top-paying jobs for women that also have the best growth outlook.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the careers below have the fastest growth trajectory out of the top-paying jobs for women. Each career listed includes BLS wage information for 2018, along with 2016–2026 projected employment growth for both men and women.

1. Physician's Assistant

This job entails assisting a medical team in an office, hospital, outpatient clinic, or other healthcare setting. People in this career can work in any area of medicine, including family care, surgery, emergency care, and psychiatry.

Median Weekly Wage: $1,647

Projected Growth: 37%

2. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners provide primary and specialty healthcare to patients and coordinate their care as well. The details of the job vary depending on the requirements of the state where they practice.

Median Weekly Wage: 1,891

Projected Growth: 36%

3. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists help people regain movement after injury or illness, as well as manage pain. They evaluate physical conditions and develop treatment and rehabilitation plans for their patients.

Median Weekly Wage: $1,387

Projected Growth: 28%

4. Operations Research Analyst

People in this career advise management at organizations to help solve problems and make business decisions. They use advanced mathematical, analytical, and research methods to do this.

Median Weekly Wage: $1,299

Projected Growth: 27%

5. Software Developer

Software developers design and create computer applications and systems. Specializations can vary since software is needed in almost every industry, as well as the government.

Median Weekly Wage: $1,644

Projected Growth: 24%

6. Medical and Health Services Manager

Medical and health services managers oversee administrative and operational aspects at healthcare facilities. They plan, direct, and coordinate medical services.

Median Weekly Wage: $1,331

Projected Growth: 20%

7. Management Analyst

Also called consultants, management analysts work with the leaders and management professionals of organizations to help make them more efficient and profitable.

Median Weekly Wage: $1,437

Projected Growth: 14%

8. Physician or Surgeon

Physicians and surgeons work with people to help prevent, diagnose, and treat their injuries and illnesses. All surgeons and some physicians are also trained to perform medical operations, or surgeries, on patients.

Median Weekly Wage: $1,677

Projected Growth: 13%

9. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Also called information technology (IT) managers, computer and information systems managers oversee technology-related systems and activities in an organization.

Median Weekly Wage: $1,727

Projected Growth: 12%

10. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers work on infrastructure and construction projects for either the public or private sector. Depending on where they work and their exact role, they can be involved in conceiving, designing, building, supervising, constructing, and maintaining such projects.

Median Weekly Wage: $1,282

Projected Growth: 11%

Since all of these jobs fall into the STEM category—science, technology, engineering and mathematics—then pursuing an education or career in one of these areas could be a wise choice.