Top 10 Online Wholesale Directory Sites

With the ever-changing pace of business, many print publications, such as directories, are out of date sometimes even before they are printed. For more accurate information, try obtaining the information from an online wholesale website. 

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With over 54 categories and 700 suppliers, this guide lists some of the best U.S.-based wholesalers in the industry. Products are generally consumer-oriented, from apparel and fragrances to electronics and toys.

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BAOlink is associated with some of the world’s most outstanding trade shows. Not only does the site present some of the world’s leading wholesalers, but it also facilitates the transaction of business between buyers and suppliers. 

of 10 specifically focuses on giftware, home furnishings, and furniture sold ​wholesale. The site includes Find a Rep and Find a Store to put you in contact with manufacturers in more than 70 product categories.

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Top Ten Wholesale

Top Ten Wholesale is a truly diverse source for wholesale and closeout merchandise product information. Linked to some of the world’s top suppliers, the site requires some time to browse through its many products.

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Closeoutcentral connects suppliers with buyers and offers a wide range of products, such as apparel, jewelry, and tools and hardware.  It offers products resulting from liquidations, closeouts, and extra inventory.  If you wish to be added to their directory, fill out the online form to begin posting your closeouts. 

of 10, Inc. is an upscale directory of more than 2,000 top-selling specialty toys across more than 90 categories, from games to crafts to action figures and educational toys.

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Wholesale Directory

While its name doesn’t set it apart, Wholesale Directory has the site to back up its all-encompassing name. With thousands of suppliers and hundreds of thousands of products available, this is a directory you should definitely check out.

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Wholesale Hub

Although perhaps not any more comprehensive than the other sites mentioned on this list, Wholesale Hub’s rather unique feature is the ability to compare suppliers side-by-side as you search for the best deal.

of 10 serves millions of wholesale buyers and suppliers from over 190 countries and regions worldwide. The site offers millions of items in over 40 major categories from electronics to apparel.  

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While focused on the UK, this site also lists American and European suppliers. A novel feature is user ratings in which buyers rate sellers.

Using Online Directories

These websites provide an easy an efficient way for buyers and suppliers to connect with each other in the wholesale industry. Some companies are solely U.S.-based, while others serve customers globally.