Top 5 Online SUP Package Deals

The Best Standup Paddleboard and Paddle Packages on the Web

woman stand-up paddleboarding

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As standup paddleboarding increases in popularity, there becomes the need to offer online entry-level deals that quickly and simply get people into the sport of SUP. This is good news for people interested in getting started in standup paddle boarding. There are a number of companies and deals online that cater to this very market. Even if these prices have gone up about $100 on these packages over the past year these SUP deals are still about $100 cheaper than you’ll find at your local SUP shop. Of course, there are good ways to learn to standup paddleboard before buying equipment. However, if you must have your own gear before figuring out your preference here is a list of the top 5 online SUP Package deals.

Paddleboard Direct SUP Packages Start at $749

Paddleboard Direct SUP Package

Whereas the other links are buying directly from the manufacturer, Paddleboard Direct is a retail outlet that sells SUP boards, SUP Paddles and SUP gear from various manufacturers. The deals you’ll find here on the different brands probably has a lot to do with availability and supply levels. At any rate, I’ve seen them as low as $729 for a SUP board and paddle package. Paddleboard Direct Paddleboard packages usually include:

  • SUP Board with one fin, built-in handle and deck pad.
  • SUP Paddle. Upgrade to an adjustable paddle for $29
  • Free Shipping
  • No Sales Tax outside of California

Smooth SUP Paddle Board Packages starting at $899

Smooth SUP Package

Smooth SUP has a simple yet effective line of stand up paddle board packages. All of their boards are the same design. Buyers only need to choose the size, 11 or 12 feet, and the graphics on the boards. These SUP package deals start at $899. Here’s What’s included in a Smooth Stand Up Paddle Board Package:

  • SUP Board: including 3 fins (center fin and fcs fins), vent plug, integrated handle, and deck pad.
  • SUP Paddle: Carbon Composite with matching graphics to the board
  • Coiled Leash
  • Free Shipping
  • No Sales Tax Outside of California

SUP ATX Paddleboard Packages from $885

SUP ATX Pacakage

SUP ATX basically pioneered the cost-effective online SUP package deal. With SUP board and paddle packages starting at $885, there are a number of models, options, and sizes to choose from. Here’s what’s included:

  • SUP Board, including 1 Fin, vent plug, integrated handle, and deck pad.
  • All Carbon Fiber Paddle
  • Free Shipping
  • Available Upgrades:
    • Adjustable All Carbon Fiber Paddle ($40)
    • SUP Board (and Paddle) Bag ($135)

Jimmy Styks SUP Packages from $849 (+ Shipping)

Jimmy Styks SUP package

Jimmy Styks SUP boards look as cool as they sound. There are a few designs to choose from and they even have female and youth specific packages. This stand up paddle board package deal is one of the few that also includes a board bag. However, shipping is not free so at $849 + shipping the deal probably works out to about the same factoring in the board bag. Here’s what’s included in a Jimmy Styks Standup Paddleboard package:

  • SUP Board: including 3 fins (center fin and fcs side fins) ,vent plug, integrated handle, deck pads
  • SUP Paddle: carbon fiber
  • Coiled Leash
  • Board Bag
  • No Sales Tax outside of California

Finding Online SUP Deals on Ebay and Craigslist

Manufacturers, dealers, and retailers often list their boards and SUP packages online on sites like Ebay and Craigslist. Be sure to try different spellings for SUP and combinations of SUP, stand up paddle board, standup paddleboard, and a blend of all three when searching online for SUP package deals. You may even find a deal on Ebay on one of the packages listed above for a little bit cheaper.

Of course, you can also buy used gear on both Ebay and Craigslist. If you decide to go the used route, be sure to compare the prices to one of the new packages above. If you’re just going to save under $100 off the new SUP package price, it might just pay to buy new and at least the warranty will apply. Also, and this goes for all of the options, be sure to buy the right size board for your weight and choose the right size paddle for your height. This is especially important when buying used gear as the excitement of the deal might cause you to buy equipment made for smaller or larger SUP paddlers.