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The Best Fashion Game Facebook, Andriod & iPhone Apps

it girl facebook app
If you want to live the life of a fashionista, boutique owner or fashion designer, these days you don’t have to go any further than your laptop or iphone. Fashion game apps are taking over, and allow you to simulate what it’s like to stock your own boutique, shop at high end stores, or work as a fashion model. But with so many on the market, it’s hard to choose which is the best for you; here are a few of my top picks for fashion apps for facebook, iphone, ipad, kindle fire, or andriod tablet.


It Girl
It Girl by Crowd Stars is the most popular fashion game on facebook, and is the facebook alternative to the popular iphone game Top Girl, also by Crowd Stars. When you play it, it’s easy to see why the game is so wildly popular -- it has over 140 levels, tons of stores, and thousands of clothes. All of the clothes follow current trends, and most of the graphics are attractive enough to allow users to appreciate that. The idea of the game is pretty simple -- you earn money from your job every hour, you use that money to shop and buy clothes with a “hotness” rank, and then you battle other girls at parties to win even more money. But beware, this game has a whole lot of items and actions that have to be purchased using real money, and those items aren’t cheap -- it’s not uncommon to find one dress that costs $4 or more. But plenty of fun can be had in the game for free.

Gala Stories
One of the newer fashion apps on facebook is Gala Stories, and already plenty of It Girl users who are fed up with how expensive that game has become are jumping ship for this one. The graphics in GalaStories are more realistic than most, but not particularly attractive. It is similar to It Girl in other ways, in that you compete against other users to earn money and other attributes.
In GalaStories, you also receive quests from time to time which allow you to earn even more.

Fashion Designer
The name pretty much says it all -- in the facebook Fashion Designer game you get to step into the shoes of some of your favorite tastemakers. The game comes chock full of challenges from clients who need a specific look for an event, with your own special touch and individualized creativity. The more on point your look is, the more money and points you earn, as you work your way to becoming an international style star.


Top Girl
Top Girl similar to It Girl, but for your iPhone, Andriod phone or tablet. In this game you get a job as a model, earn money to buy cute clothes, then go on dates with your boyfriend who in turn gives you more money and clothes. It sounds simple, but it can be insanely addicting.

Modern Girl
Out of all of the fashion centric games apps, my personal favorite is Modern Girl, because it focuses on the business of fashion as well as on the clothes. It’s by CrowdStars, the creators of Top Girl, Sorority Life and It Girl, so expect similar graphics and a lot of the same clothing (which is the only downside for those of us who like to play them all!). In this one there is no tedious battling against other girls for the hottest outfit; to make money in the Modern Girl iphone app game, you get a job in fashion and work your way up the corporate ladder. And then, of course, you shop till you drop!

Fashion Story
Created by Team Lava, Fashion Story has a lot more to it than just shopping, instead it puts you on the other side of the register. In this iphone app game you get to run your own virtual fashion boutique -- you choose the clothes, design the store, and try to ring up all the customers in time. There are also plenty of special challenges, like securing exclusive items for your shop.

All iPhone, driod and tablet apps can be found on Google Play, Amazon or the iTunes App store.