Top 10 Movies for Dance Lovers

In the mood for a great dance movie? Film lovers have long embraced classic dance films and musicals. Who could forget the amazing dance chemistry created between Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers? Dance sequences in film have come a long way. The following movies each feature entertaining dance sequences, some of them making up for less than entertaining story lines. If you're new to the world of dance, take a look at a few of these dance movies for inspiration.

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Step Up

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One of my all-time favorites, Step Up is a delight for dance-lovers. Full of great characters, lively music, and slick dance moves, this movie will leave you wanting more. Actor Channing Tatum heats up the screen with his amazing dancing ability throughout the movie. Watch for an awesome display of group dancing during a scene at a nightclub.

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Shall We Dance

In this romantic comedy, a bored, happily married man sneaks around to learn ballroom dancing to become acquainted with the beautiful dance instructor. Surprisingly, Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez are fun to watch on the dance floor. Who knew Gere could bust a move?

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Dance With Me

This Latin ballroom dancing film features Vanessa L. Williams (Ruby) and Cheyenne (Rafael), and a lot of fancy footwork. The best part of the movie is definitely the dancing, as the storyline seems to drag at times. Worth watching, however, is the ballroom dance competition at the end of the movie. Williams' Samba will be all the inspiration you need to break down and sign up for ballroom lessons.

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Save the Last Dance

In this teen romance, Julia Stiles portrays a young dancer who struggles with the loss of her mother. The avid ballet student befriends a young hip-hop dancer, and the couple quickly bonds. Although the movie is less than blockbuster material, the dancing is quite entertaining.

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Mad Hot Ballroom

This movie is a documentary featuring elementary students from New York City. The kids are taught ballroom dancing and compete in a city-wide dancing competition. The children are reluctant to dance at first but soon dance like pros. It's inspiring to watch the kids learn the moves, proving that everyone can learn if they have the heart.

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Dirty Dancing

In this ultimate guilty pleasure of dance movies, Jennifer Grey portrays a sweet daddy's girl who falls in love with her summer camp dance instructor, Patrick Swayze. I heard that the two actors couldn't stand working together, but their chemistry on the set is beautiful. In fact, the finale has been described as "the most goosebump-inducing dance scene in movie history."

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Saturday Night Fever

John Travolta seemed to introduce disco dancing to America with this movie while becoming the hottest television star of the time. Travolta plays a 19-year-old paint shop worker who heats up the dance floor of a local nightclub each night. Polyester suits and disco moves have never looked better.

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Center Stage

This entertaining ballet film follows the dance education of three young women at the American Ballet Academy. All three girls are trying to become accepted into the American Ballet Company. Each girl has her own strengths and weaknesses, and each must overcome hurdles on her way to the top. The movie's message: dancing should be a passion, not a duty.

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Strictly Ballroom

Scott Hastings (Paul Mecurio) struggles to introduce change in Australian ballroom dancing in this dancer's delight. The top notch dance sequences and glitzy costumes will have you pushing the rewind button over and over again. Especially remarkable is Mecurio's last dance sequence...polished and perfect. If you love ballroom, don't miss this one.

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Last but definitely not least, this classic film of the 80's inspired young girls to follow their dreams. Jennifer Beals dances her heart out, determined to reach her dreams. What a feeling!