The Top Nursing Bras for Breastfeeding Moms

Choosing a bra for pregnancy and breastfeeding can be a trying experience. There are many choices, some great, others not so good and the decision is not an easy one to reach. Do you need to sleep in a bra? What type of opening should it have for nursing? And probably the biggest question is what size will you need?

Here are some of our favorites in the bra selections available today.

The La Leche League Wrap and Snap Bra is great for sleeping or nursing. From pregnancy to breastfeeding. The expandable band helps grow with your body. The cups clip easily with one hand making this an easy to use and inexpensive nursing bra.

The original has a great amount of flexibility as you're learning to nurse and as your breasts are changing shape and size in those early days of breastfeeding, but it's also a workhorse of a bra. It's 92% cotton and 8% spandex. The sports bra back helps provide support where you might not think about needing it. The cups fully drop away making skin to skin connection easy.

The Bravado BodySilk Nursing bra is the favorite of many nursing moms. It has no seams to irritate your skin. The closure is a front slip. This helps to make nursing easy for you and your baby. It comes in three colors: black, ivory and nude. There are also removable molded foam cups.

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Nummies Everyday Nursing Bra

Everyday Bra by Nummies
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The Nummies Organic Cotton Everyday Bra is so soft and comfortable, you may never want to take it off! This bra is comfortable enough to sleep in but provides enough lift and shape that you can wear it anytime. This would be a great postpartum bra so that you don't have to worry when unexpected company drops by. The clasps snap easily and hold up to repeated opening and closing. This bra is very versatile, so the bra may pay for itself over time.

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Nummies Fashion Bra

Fashion Bra by Nummies

This demi-cup bra is perfect for a night out or a night when you just need to feel a little sexy. The construction of the Nummies bra is solid and it held up through a wash very well. An underwire and molded cups help smooth and support a large chest. Size up if you are unsure, as  this bra's fit tends to run a little small. Overall, this is a great bra to have in your nursing wardrobe.

Here is a very basic bra that offers some great ​options, including easy nursing access, multiple colors and good support. It also offers a front snap closure.

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Nummies Style Nursing Bra

Style Bra by Nummies
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The Nummies Style Bra is a fun bra that comes in three colors. It provides an extremely smooth look under a t-shirt or sweater. The deep V allows you to wear plunging necklines without a nursing bra showing. This bra has a stretchy band that would be comfortable in pregnancy and would work well as a transition bra. This bra held up well after washing and the color remained vibrant.

If you're an underwire fan, this bra might be the one for you. It combines the traditional underwire with easy nursing access. It also features seamless cups for less irritation on sensitive parts.

Some say that sleeping in a bra can help provide much-needed support to prevent future sagging in this area. I personally just found it more comfortable to be able to use nursing pads at the beginning than my normal bra. It's also something to kick around the house in without feeling like you're wearing a bra. These soft cups just pull down for easy nursing access.


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