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Mehron Beauty

 This acorn shaped sponge allows you to apply foundation, concealer, and cream products to the skin for a beautiful, blended result. You can use the base of the sponge to blend foundation all over, and the top portion to smooth out concealer underneath the eyes and around the nose, too. By holding the center part of the sponge in your hand, you're able to have more control when applying. You can use this sponge wet or dry depending on your preference, but for a dewy finish with using liquids and creams, wet the sponge and squeeze out the excess water before applying makeup. 

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For those of you whose focus is contouring and highlighting, this sponge makes it extremely easy to fine tune your blending skills. The sponge is designed with flat and slanted edges to help chisel and shape areas such as cheekbones and jawline. You can apply the cream contouring product and highlighter of your choice onto the edged side of the sponge and then apply the makeup in lines to your face. Go in after with the flat side, and in a circular motion blend it into the skin until it's seamless. Keep in mind when wanting to use a sponge to apply contouring products, cream formulas work the best. 

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This sponge allows you to master blending underneath the eyes, and on blemishes or smaller marks you want to cover on the face. Blemishes can sometimes be hard to cover depending on what size they are and if they have a lot of discoloration. With the precise tip, you're able to apply concealer in a mall dot like form to blemishes, then using the flat side of the sponge, tap the concealer until it fully covers the break-out, instead of irritating the breakout by rubbing it. You can  use the slanted portion of the sponge to blend concealer underneath the eyes, in a flat and comfortable motion. You can also use the tip of the sponge to apply concealer or highlighter right underneath the brow bone, giving you extreme precision when wanting to highlight the eyebrows and creating eyeshadow looks.

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Flower Beauty

This 3-1 sponge tackles hard to reach areas, gives precise foundation application, and offers contouring help, too, (hence the 3-1 name!) To maximize this beauty tool, be sure to wet it first, squeeze out excess water and then start to apply your makeup. You can apply foundation with the base of the sponge blending in an upward motion all over the face, and use the flat teardrop surface portion to contour cheeks and jawline. The rounded edge at the top can help blend concealer. Be sure to wash the sponge after each use and let air dry. 

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Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge
Courtesy of Beauty Blender

The original makeup sponge that took the beauty world by storm, this cult favorite product is found in almost every professional makeup artists kit. The patented material of this sponge ensures no streaking when makeup is applied, and is safe for any complexion product such a powder, foundation, highlighter, cream blushes and foundation primers. Fully wet the sponge, squeeze out the excess, and apply product to skin liberally. The open cell structure of how the sponge is made allows makeup to sit on the actual sponge without being absorbed, ensuring no product is wasted. 

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Beauty Blender

With the same concept of the original Beauty Blender, these miniature versions of the sponge allow application in smaller parts of the face such as eye corners, under the eyebrow, cheekbones, and around the nose. Wet these sponges as well before use, as they will slightly increase in size. A perfect travel companion to take with you to work during the day, or on vacation when you want to leave your full-sized sponges at home!

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This sponge is a one size fits all blending tool for anywhere on the face. You can use the flat sides to contour cheekbones and highlight, use the rounded edges to blend under the eye area and around the nose. Wetting the sponge before use will give you best results and you can pair it with any cream, liquid, and waterproof makeup products.

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Evie Blender Gold Star Silicone Blender

Evie Blender

This particular blender is the first ever silicone sponge for applying makeup. You simply swipe on the liquid makeup of your choice and use a bouncing motion all over the skin to blend. You can wash it as much as you like, as there won't be any makeup absorbed inside, so cleaning is fairly easy. You can use the Evie Blender with lipstick, powder, liquid foundation, liquid highlighter, blush powders, cream formulas, and gel.

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