Top Lesbian Wedding Songs

Love Songs for your Lesbian Wedding

Picking a good lesbian wedding song is harder than it looks. It seems like our community’s best voices have more of a knack for being bitter and angry, or at least wistful and introspective, rather than sweet and sappy. You also want something that you can play in front of your parents without outing yourself as a freak. Here are a few that fit the bill:
I loved watching Romy and Michelle dance to this one at their high school reunion, and I loved watching Cyndi sing it this summer on the True Colors Tour (a benefit for gay rights organizations). I sobbed the whole time; it was quite embarrassing.
Lovey Lyrics: "If you fall I will catch you — I'll be waiting / Time after time."
Off the Bridge Collection (the Bridge School benefit compilation), “When I Get Up” is one of Tegan and Sara’s few totally straightforward, not-at-all-bitter love songs.
Lovey Lyrics: "I don’t need company in the company of you / I don’t need love; your love will do / I’ve got you and you’ve got me / And that’s all we need."

I heard that this is actually a break-up song—as in, let’s remember things when they’re perfect because some day they won’t be—but that’s sad and cynical. Yet, it makes sense in the context of weddings.
Lovey Lyrics: "Let’s take a picture now / I do not want to forget / The way you look at me / When everything is perfect."

Me’Shell Ndegeocello is like the master of sex soundtracks. This one, off the album Bitter, is simple, intensely romantic and perfect for a girl-on-girl slow dance. Then when you get home, put on Comfort Woman and screw each other for hours.
Lovely Lyrics: "Such pretty hair / May I kiss you? / May I kiss you there? / So beautiful you are."

Melissa’s got a lot of good girly love songs, but I’m partial to this short and sweet one.
Lovely Lyrics: "There’s a place we’re bound / And they call it forever / It’s a simple love / Between you and me."

Alice Walker’s former lover has the sultriest voice and sweet, simple lyrics in this classic.
Lovey Lyrics: "Behold body mind and spirit / Heart and soul devoted all to you."
Released 15 years ago, this gorgeous song penned by Emily Saliers is still one of the best lesbian love anthems around.
Lovely Lyrics: "I took us for better and I took us for worse / Don’t you ever forget it / Now the steel bars between me and a promise / Suddenly bend with ease / The closer I’m bound in love to you / The closer I am to free."
Toshi delivers soulful and sexy vocals in the gorgeous confession of love.
Lovey Lyrics: "Don't you deny what you know is true / There is still time for me and you."
With an angelic voice and the most heartfelt, vulnerable lyrics, k.d. lang has a few wedding-worthy songs, but I especially adore this sparse, dreamlike one off this year’s Watershed. "Fallen" and "Simple" are some older ones that also work well, but I love how "Close Your Eyes" has a little more edge.
Lovey Lyrics: "I will never leave / I’m a dream that answers to you."

She’s not always dark, just most of the time. Not here, though: Melissa is tender, passionate and poetic in one of her very few untainted, purely love songs.
Lovey Lyrics: "Anything, anywhere / I would give everything I own away / Always I will sing / Picturing you singing right back at me."