Top Lash Growth Serums and Mascaras

You never have to be sparse again

Long and thick eyelashes are a coveted beauty look by everyone. Women spend thousands of dollars on mascara, lash treatment serums, extensions, false eyelashes, and the list continues to grow. While we can't control the type of lashes we are born with, we can certainly enhance the ones we've got by using the right products. Taking care of your lashes is key when using serums and mascara, and always removing eye makeup at the end of each day is the best way to keep your eyes healthy. Keep reading for more tips on the best mascaras and serums to enhance the growth of your lashes, and start the process today! 

Revlon offers a single tube of mascara, that includes a regular Revlon mascara, along with a growth serum.  They state that their formula is "lash enhancing", so it supports your natural lash growth cycle.  Revlon does show that 96% of women, who tested the non-waterproof formula, saw instantly longer lashes. This is one of the most affordable options for women looking for mascara that thickens lashes instantly. We believe that perhaps the Revlon formula is more for strengthening the lashes instead of actually growing them, a great option to use as your daily mascara!

Tarte doesn't suggest in any way that their mascara will promote hair growth, however they do state that their multiplEYE mascara will increase lash volume and length by 638%. Wow, that's a big number! The mascara is step #3 of their multiplEYE line, so if you use their Natural Lash Enhancing Primer with it, your lashes could be volumized by 1102%. Apply like regular mascara during the day and be sure to remove with the proper eye makeup cleanser. 

Jane Iredale's growth mascara contains sea minerals that work to condition and help to grow your lashes. They don't give percentages, but what we can tell you is that it comes in a variety of regular and fun colors, which is great when you want to wear something that isn't just black, and not to mention it's housed in a squeezable tube so you can get more of the product out. And by-the-way, the squeezable tube also allows for 75% more mascara than the regular brand, so you're definitely getting more for your money purchasing this mascara over others. 

Cargo touts that their LashActivator mascara will boost the appearance of your lashes within 30 days.  By using state-of-the-art ingredients, and clinical trials, Cargo's growth mascara has shown a 169% rate of improvement for lash growth, which is a great percentage in a short amount of time. It contains marine algae-extract, citrus-derived flavonoids, and a peptide-biotin complex which all naturally stimulate the hair from the lash line to help it grow. The two colors you can choose from in this formula are classic brown and black.

This product by Urban Decay does not contain mascara, so it is only a lash growth serum system.  That's okay though, since the numbers they give for results is phenomenal, especially since you don't need a prescription for this product.  The Lush Lash System is a double-ended product, where one end has the serum and the other is a conditioning mask, two types of treatment in just one tube!  When they work together, according to Urban Decay, you can see 25% thicker and longer lashes in 2-weeks, 40% in 4-weeks, and 63% in 6-weeks.

Smashbox's growth product is a dual-ended wonder worker, with one side giving your lashes a treatment while the other brushes them with a conditioner.  Smashbox states that you will see an increase in length, softness, fullness, and overall improvement within 8-weeks.  All of the people in their consumer study hit each mark in the 90% region, so this one seems like a very good contender as well.