Top Kids' Divorce Books

Age-Appropriate Books About Children and Divorce

Reading fiction books about children and divorce can open up meaningful discussions with your own children. This list of kids' divorce books includes exceptional titles for kids of all ages to help you get started:

By Linda Walvoord Girard
This is a story about a young girl named Katie whose parents are going through a divorce. Real emotions are woven throughout the story - like the boredom Katie sometimes feels when she visits her dad, and her fears that he might soon forget their visits. This is a wonderful story for introducing and discussing the fears your child may have.

  • Age range: 5-8

By Eve Bunting
This book tells the emotional story of two sisters who are adjusting to their grandparents’ divorce. Throughout the story, the older sister, a fourth-grader, compassionately explains some of the more difficult aspects of divorce to the younger child. Bunting's writing brings to light the emotional impact of divorce on members of the extended family and speaks to our children's deep ability to cope when they're embraced with love.

  • Age range: 5-8

By Marc Brown and Laurie Krasny Brown
This story offers a reassuring and straightforward explanation of what children going through ​a divorce can expect. The authors compassionately address children's difficult questions, including the impact on holiday celebrations, living in two homes, and “What will happen to me?”

  • Age range: 4-8
By Paula Danzinger
Danzinger tells the story of a ninth-grade girl, Phoebe, who must ride a bus - ”The Divorce Express” - between her parents’ two homes. Resentful of the changes in her life, Phoebe eventually begins to cope and adjust. The result is a powerful story of one child’s resiliency.
  • Age range: teens through young adults

By Jeanie Franz Ransom
This is a beautifully told story about the wide range of emotions children experience upon hearing of their parents’ divorce. The main character’s father talks her through some of the emotions she might experience. With each new emotion, the girl envisions herself as an animal physically expressing the same emotion. What emerges is a creative way for parents to discuss and share their children's emotions in a way that feels safe and acceptable.

  • Age range: 4-8
By Vicki Lansky
This is a story for children and a valuable resource for parents. In the story, preschooler Koko Bear faces the troubling news that her parents are getting a divorce. Mama and Papa Bear compassionately listen to Koko’s concerns and give her ample opportunity to express her feelings, while conveying the important message that the divorce is not her fault.
  • Age range: 3-7
  • Includes a guide for parents
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Loon Summer

Loon Summer
By Barbara Santucci
This is the story of a young girl, Ronnie, spending her first summer with her father after her parents’ divorce. As they wait together for the return of the loons, Rainie and her father struggle with and process together the changes brought by divorce.
  • Age range: 5-9

By Cornelia Maude Spelman
The author compassionately tells a story of Dinah, a young girl coping with her parents divorce. Initially Dinah feels sad and frightened, but as time pushes ahead and the family celebrates her birthday, she realizes that life will go on and that she continues to be surrounded by love.

  • Age range: 4-8
  • Includes a guide for parents

By Jan Siebold
This is a funny and realistic story about a teenage boy named Richard, who moves as a result of his parents’ divorce. In English class, Richard is asked to write about a proverb that reflects his life, and he is amazed by the number of proverbs which could suit his situation. Thereafter, each chapter begins with a proverb as Richard explores the many challenges teenagers face when sorting through their parents’ divorce.

  • Age range: 9-12

By Sandra Levins and Bryan Langdo
This book was published by the American Psychological Association. In it, the authors effectively explain divorce in language suitable for children. In addition, this wonderful resource helps children anticipate and express the many emotions they may feel.

  • Age range: 4-8
  • Includes parent information section written by child psychologist