Top 5 Kendrick Lamar "Control" Replies

Kendrick Lamar trolled the rap game so hard when he called out a bunch of rappers on Big Sean's "Control (HOF)." Rappers, especially those not named, have made a sport of responding to Kendrick Lamar's verse. Here are the five best responses so far.

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Papoose - "Control" Freestyle

Kendrick Lamar
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One thing that fueled the "Control" craze was Kendrick Lamar's "I'm the King of the New York" line. New York rappers heard that and simultaneously lost their stuff. A friend suggested that it may have been a nod to Biggie Smalls, who was considered the King of NY in his time. Regardless, New Yorkers weren't about to let Kendrick off the hook. Brooklyn's own Papoose in particular took issue with the claim and used it as an excuse to go in on K. Dot. Pap's "Control" response was so nasty it made Bun B go "Wow" on Twitter.

Lyrics of Fury:

"Tell Kendrick and TDE they need to lay off the PCP/ Far from the king, this is the city of BDP/ You'll never be a real west coast artist like Eazy E/ You f*cking joke, we laughing at you like hehehe"

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Lupe Fiasco - "SL3 (Round of Applause)"

Lupe Fiasco
Lupe Fiasco. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Lupe Fiasco's first reaction was his best. None of the songs, jokes, or memes that poured out early on could match the comedy gold that was Lupe's Twitter, where he took to ghostwriting really funny rapper responses for Wale, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross and more. Eventually, he succumbed to fan pressure to release a musical reaction. First came "SLR2," in which he called K. Dot a "baby." Not his best effort. Shortly after that, the Chicago rapper dropped the third installment in his "Super Luper Rap" series. This time his flow was sharper, his rhymes crispier.

Lyrics of Fury:

"The same wrist I shoot the three with, game winnin' remix Revisit the ship, upon which ni**as seasick/Floatin' on the water out the eyes that I see with Burnin' on the fire out the eyes that I see with/So as we heat seekin' the seen heater sea-seein'"

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Joe Budden - "Lost Control" Freestyle

Joe Budden didn't exactly slaughter Kendrick Lamar in his "Control" response, but he definitely went in. Kendrick asked his peers to step up. So Joey obliged and delivers a slam dunk. Even more impressive is how he uses the track to salute New York rap, tipping his hat to the Big Apple greats who came before him. If you can't respect that, your perspective is wack.

Lyrics of Fury:

"Outrhyming A$AP ain't showing me where your weight at I'm on my sh*t today, you the king of New York/You might as well had spit on Biggie's grave, couldn't let that slip away/I'm in the court of public opinion, ready to click and spray"

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Joell Ortiz - "Outta Control"

Joell Ortiz was the first to clap back and he set the bar high for his peers. Like his Slaughterhouse comrade, Joell didn't take Kendrick's rhymes personal. He starts off by putting the issue in perspective, alluding to his first meeting with Lamar. Then, he proceeds to rip the beat to shreds. Easily the best "Control" response out there. YAOWA.

Lyrics of Fury:

"I stomp the red carpet holding my d*ck/And throw tomatoes at the podium for wack awards that ya’ll ni**as get/Then stand up and scream, ‘Yaowa,’ then dip and smack a legend on the way out of that b**ch ’Cause I don’t big up the elite"

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Bizarre - "Kendrick Lamar Diss"

And the "Control" response to end all "Control" responses belongs to: Bizarre. He starts off by teasing some heavyweight "bars," which never seem to arrive, before cutting off the music to complain about back pain. Much like the silliness behind "Control (HOF)," it's a whole lotta hype over nothing. Greatest diss track. Eversi

Lyrics of Fury:

"I'm about to get busy"