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Jonas Brothers
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The Jonas Brothers were a pop boy band made up of a trio of real-life brothers. With a boost from the Disney pop machine, they became mainstream pop stars. Check out these ten top-rated songs this band is known for.

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10. "Paranoid" (2009)

Jonas Brothers Paranoid
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The Jonas Brothers worked with British singer-songwriter Cathy Dennis on "Paranoid," the first single from their album Lines, Vines, and Trying Times. She is known for her hits "C'mon and Get My Love" and "Touch Me (All Night Long)" as well as co-writing hits for another artist like Britney Spears' classic "Toxic." "Paranoid" moved the Jonas Brothers in a more adult-sounding direction. "Paranoid" barely slipped inside the top 40 on the US pop singles chart, but it did become a top 10 dance hit.

"Paranoid" was produced by John Fields who worked extensively on their music. It was accompanied by a music video directed by Brendan Malloy and Tim Wheeler. They were the team behind the trio's video for "Burnin' Up." In the clip, they are beset by a group of Kevin Jonas clones, wrestlers, and a girl who is after Nick Jonas.

The album Lines, Vines and Trying Times was the second consecutive #1 charting studio album by the Jonas Brothers. It also became their final studio album before the group broke up. Sales were significantly lower than the two multi-platinum certified studio albums that preceded it.

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9. "S.O.S." (2007)

Jonas Brothers S.O.S.
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Nick Jonas says that the song "S.O.S." came to him in the middle of the night and he wrote it in approximately 10 minutes. As a follow up to the Jonas Brothers' first hit "Year 3000," the single rode strong sales to enter the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. "SOS" brought the trio pop success in other countries as well peaking at #13 in the UK.

The music video for "S.O.S." was filmed aboard the RMS Queen Mary, a legendary ship docked at Long Beach, California. Actor Moises Arias makes a cameo appearance. The Jonas Brothers said in interviews that the old ship was a little creepy and they enjoyed trying to scare each other while being aboard it. The group, the music video crew, and extras all complained of strange happenings on the ship during shots after dark. 

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8. "When You Look Me In the Eyes" (2008)

Jonas Brothers When You Look Me In the Eyes
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After a string of uptempo successes, the Jonas Brothers ventured into power ballad territory to keep their hot streak going. "When You Look Me In the Eyes" instantly became a high school dance favorite. Nick and Joe Jonas share the vocals as a duet. "When You Look Me In the Eyes" was first recorded as a solo effort by Nick Jonas and is included on his album Nicholas Jonas. The trio's father appears on that recording. The Jonas Brothers' single version inspired the title of the group's successful Look Me In the Eyes concert tour.

The accompanying music video was filmed in black and white and features the trio's younger brother Frankie Jonas. It shows footage of the Jonas Brothers' personal lives. Much of the clip was filmed inside concert venue The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as well as in downtown Milwaukee and around Chicago, Illinois. "When You Look Me In the Eyes" peaked at #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 and broke the Jonas Brothers into the adult pop radio chart.

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7. "Mandy" (2005)

Jonas Brothers It's About Time
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The Jonas Brothers signed their first major label recording contract with Columbia Records. With the release of the album, It's About Time the group was promoted to both mainstream pop and Christian audiences. The single "Mandy" was a success on MTV's Total Request Live video countdown show. The album It's About Time also includes the later single "Year 3000." When the Jonas Brothers left Columbia to sign with Hollywood Records, their new label received the rights to distribute "Year 3000" as a single.

The album It's About Time is out of print, but in August 2012, a vinyl edition re-release of the album was sent exclusively to the Jonas Brothers' fan club Team Jonas. The package included a digital download of the album and random copies were hand signed by the brothers.

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6. "Lovebug" (2008)

Jonas Brothers Lovebug
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"Lovebug" was released as the second single from the Jonas Brothers' album A Little Bit Longer. It was written while the brothers were on a concert tour with Miley Cyrus. Nick Jonas told interviewers that they were in their hotel room, sat down, and wrote the song in about fifteen or twenty minutes. It broke into the top 30 at mainstream pop radio.

The music video for "Lovebug" is a period romance. The Jonas Brothers travel back in time in a clip that was influenced by the hit movie The Notebook. It was directed by Philip Andelman, known for working with fellow Disney artists Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Hilary Duff. A film clip about the making of the video was shown during Disney channel episodes of Hannah Montana and The Wizards of Waverly Place.

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5. "Year 3000" (2007)

Jonas Brothers Year 3000
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The song "Year 3000" was originally recorded by the British boy band Busted. They took the song all the way to #2 on the UK pop singles chart in 2003. Lyrics from the original song were changed for the Jonas Brothers version to reduce sexual suggestions. A line mentioning Michael Jackson was also changed to mentioning Kelly Clarkson to update the lyrics. It was originally released by Columbia Records, but "Year 3000" did not become a hit for the Jonas Brothers until it was re-released after they signed to Hollywood Records. It then became their first top 40 pop hit peaking at #31.

The accompanying music video was directed by Andrew Bennett. It features a time machine in which the Jonas Brothers travel to the year 3000. They see Kevin Jonas' great-great-great granddaughters. Later, they use the time machine to return to the present day.

Although originally included on the It's About Time album, "Year 3000" was also added to the Jonas Brothers' self-titled album for Hollywood Records. The album hit the top 5 on the US album chart and earned a double platinum certification.

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4. "Pom Poms" (2013)

Jonas Brothers Pom Poms
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Following the disappointing commercial performance of the album Lines, Vines, and Trying Times, the Jonas Brothers pursued independent projects and put the group's recording on hold. In early 2013 the trio returned in strong fashion with the single "Pom Poms." It was released with the intention of being the first single from an upcoming fifth studio album. However, the album was eventually canceled when the trio split up. "Pom Poms" charted at #60 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Pom Poms" was written by the Jonas Brothers with Paul Phamous and produced by Nick Jonas. It was released by Jonas Enterprises instead of on the previous label Hollywood Records. The accompanying music video was directed by Mark Klasfeld, director of more than 200 music videos. It was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana and features the Southern University marching band.

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3. "Tonight" (2009)

Jonas Brothers Tonight
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As the third single from the album A Little Bit Longer, "Tonight" became the second song from the Jonas Brothers to debut inside the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. That made the trio the first recording act since Madonna in 1998 to have two songs debut in the top 10 in one calendar year. The group performed "Tonight" live at the American Music Awards. "Tonight" sold more than 100,000 copies in its first week of release.

The accompanying music video for "Tonight" was directed by Bruce Hendricks and includes footage from the film Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience. Nick Jonas re-recorded "Tonight" with his band the Administration for his album Who I Am. The album reached #3 on the album chart.

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2. "First Time" (2013)

Jonas Brothers First Time
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"First Time" was intended as the second single from the Jonas Brothers' fifth studio album. Unfortunately, the album was scrapped before release due to the breakup of the group. The song was celebrated by critics for its more mature adult sound compared with much of the Jonas Brothers' previous music. "First Time" was released in June 2013, and the trio announced their breakup in October. The single reached the top 40 at mainstream pop radio. A live version of "First Time" is included on the concert album Live. "First Time" is currently the final single released by the Jonas Brothers. The song climbed into the top 40 at mainstream pop radio. 

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1. "Burnin' Up" (2008)

Jonas Brothers Burnin' Up
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"Burnin' Up" was released as the lead single from the Jonas Brothers album A Little Bit Longer. At the peak of fan frenzy for the group, it debuted at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Burnin' Up" was the group's first single to feature a rap. The featured rap vocal was recorded by the group's bodyguard Robert "Big Rob" Feggans. "Burnin' Up" was inspired by the Jonas Brothers' appreciation of the work of Prince.

The accompanying music video includes a cameo from Selena Gomez and was nominated for MTV Video Music Awards for Video of the Year and Best Pop Video. The three brothers appear as action stars. Nick is a James Bond character. Joe is a parody of Sonny Crockett from the Miami Vice TV series, and Kevin is a Kung Fu master.

The album A Little Bit Longer was the group's first to hit #1 on the album chart. It sold more than 500,000 copies in its first week of release and earned a double platinum certification for sales.