Top 10 Jon Jones Victories

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Top 10 Jon Jones Victories

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Perhaps no fighter has ever taken the MMA world by storm right from the get-go like Jon Jones has. His height and overall length makes it very hard for people to get to him on their feet. His overall athleticism seems to give him an advantage in every fight he engages in. What's more, the guy is an amazing wrestler who likes to hurt people with elbows.

With all of that said, some of his victories have simply been better than others. Wondering which fights made his top 10 wins list? Follow the numbered links below to find out.

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H. Mention. Jon Jones Defeats Vladimir Matyushenko by TKO

Okay, so Brandon Vera couldn't stop Jones' takedowns, but a feared wrestler like Vladimir Matyushenko could, right?

Nope. And within a short amount of time, those crazy elbows of Jones' met their mark and signaled Matyushenko's end.

Jon Jones defeats Vladimir Matyushenko by TKO (elbows) at 1:52 of round one.

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H. Mention. Jon Jones Defeats Brandon Vera by TKO at the UFC Live

Once again, no.

Jones took Vera down easily in round one and used his now famous elbows to make quick work of him. It was a huge win in Jones' career, one that proved that his skill set really was on another level.

Jon Jones defeats Brandon Vera by TKO at 3:19 of round one.

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10. Jon Jones Defeats Glover Teixeira by Decision at UFC 172

Coming back from a war against Alexander Gustafsson, no one knew how Jones would fare.  But his dominant win over Glover Teixeira confirmed that the champ was here to stay.

Teixeira never seemed to have a chance.

Jon Jones defeats Glover Teixeira by unanimous decision at UFC 172.

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9. Jon Jones Defeats Stephan Bonnar by Decision at UFC 94

Back in 2009, people really didn't know who Jones was. After watching his athleticism against a very popular fighter in Bonnar, people took notice.

During the fight, Jones landed spinning back elbows and other diverse strikes on the overmatched and much slower Bonnar. Only the former TUF 1 contestant's legendary jaw kept him in this one.

Jon Jones defeats Stephan Bonnar by unanimous decision.

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8. Jon Jones Defeats Chael Sonnen by TKO at UFC 159

Many thought that Chael Sonnen had talked his way into this UFC 159 light heavyweight title fight. They believed there was no good reason for a man who had just lost a middleweight title encounter to get a shot at the light heavyweight strap. After the fight did these people feel the same way?

Simply put- Yes.

Jones outwrestled the wrestler, taking Sonnen down repeatedly and beating on him unmercifully. It was a dominant performance by a dominant champion.

Jon Jones defeats Chael Sonnen by TKO at 4:33 of round one.

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7. Jon Jones Defeats Quinton "Rampage" Jackson by Rear Naked Choke at UFC 135

It was just another case of Jones being the faster, better, and more diverse striker in this one. Along with this, his low kicks and body kicks continually landed on Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. And eventually, this led to a fourth round takedown where the champ was able to snake around to the former champion's back. The end came soon after.

Jon Jones defeats Quinton "Rampage" Jackson by rear naked choke at 1:14 of round four.

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6. Jon Jones Defeats Lyoto Machida by Technical Submission at UFC 140

Some thought that Lyoto Machida, with his unorthodox karate background, would be the one to solve the Jones puzzle. In the first round, he landed a hard punch that had people thinking that might actually occur. But Jones proved that he could take a punch in this one. What's more, in the second round he caught his opponent in a standing guillotine choke that eventually left the former champion sleeping on the canvas.

Jon Jones defeats Lyoto Machida by technical submission (guillotine choke) at 4:26 of round two.

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5. Jon Jones Defeats Mauricio "Shogun" Rua by TKO at UFC 128

For the first time ever, Jones met up with a true MMA legend in Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. The result was a dominant performance, where he outdid his opponent on his feet over time and on the ground. In the end, after some serious damage, a terrific body punch followed by a knee to the face in the third round ended Shogun's night. With the win, Jones took home the light heavyweight belt, ushering in his era.

Jon Jones defeats Mauricio "Shogun" Rua by TKO at 2:37 of round three.

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4. Jon Jones Defeats Vitor Belfort by Americana at UFC 152

The thing that had been missing from Jones' resume was really any amount of adversity in the cage. Enter Vitor Belfort at UFC 152, and a first round armbar attempt from him that should've had Jones dead to rights. Instead, the champion managed to somehow persevere through the attempt. And as time wore on, Belfort became tired, while Jones became stronger until such time as he was able to end things with a fourth round Americana.

Jon Jones defeats Vitor Belfort by Americana at 54 seconds of round four.

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3. Jon Jones Defeats Rashad Evans by Decision at UFC 145

Simply put, Jones out-struck Rashad Evans all day long in this one. That said, considering the champion's most recent eight fights had all ended in a stoppage, Evans' ability to stay alive was commendable. Further, the amount of trash talking leading into this one was legendary, considering that there were hurt feelings between the two, whom had been training partners together at Greg Jackson's camp.

Huge win for the champ in a fight that many believed he would have trouble with. And to top it off, it was against a game opponent with a lot of hype coming in.

Jon Jones defeats Rashad Evans by unanimous decision at UFC 145.

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2. Jon Jones Defeats Daniel Cormier by Decision at UFC 182

Had there ever been as much bad blood between two UFC competitors as there was prior to Daniel Cormier taking on Jon Jones at UFC 182?  These two engaged in a war of words that had the whole world on edge by the time they entered the Octagon.

Cormier was tough.  But Jones won the striking battle; he won the grappling battle; and thus, he won the fight.

Jon Jones defeats Daniel Cormier by unanimous decision at UFC 182.

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1. Jon Jones Defeats Alexander Gustafsson by Decision at UFC 165

It was the first time that Jones was every taken down. This fight represented the first time that he was legitimately losing a battle (over time, anyway). He was hurt, beaten up, and bloodied, fighting against a man who had reach similar to his own.

But then he landed a fourth round spinning back elbow which hurt Alexander Gustafsson. That elbow led to his winning the final two rounds of their encounter; thus, he took home the belt.

This one comes in first because with the win, no one could question Jones' heart, nor what he might do in a back and forth battle.

Jon Jones defeats Alexander Gustafsson by decision at UFC 165.