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Jennifer Lopez
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Jennifer Lopez first gained notice as a dancer on the 1990s comedy skit show In Living Color. She then became a movie star after her lead role in the 1997 biographical film Selena. In 1999, she released her first album On the 6 and it kicked off with the #1 hit single "If You Had My Love." Jennifer Lopez has been a pop star ever since. These are her 10 biggest and best pop hits.

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"If You Had My Love" (1999)

Jennifer Lopez - If You Had My Love
Jennifer Lopez - "If You Had My Love". Courtesy Epic

Jennifer Lopez experienced a big boost to her acting career in 1997 when she appeared in the title role of the film Selena, the story of the late Tejano star. As a result of playing that role, Jennifer Lopez decided to embark on a music career of her own. She recorded her first demos in Spanish, but music executive Tommy Mottola suggested that she record in English.

Jennifer Lopez blasted into the pop mainstream with her first single. "If You Had My Love" landed at #1 on the pop singles chart with its elegant feel laced with surging strings. It was also a success in dance clubs peaking at #5 on the dance chart.  The album On the 6 also made a splash on the charts peaking inside the top 10 of the album chart. The song's music video caused a stir as it centers on voyeuristic interest in Jennifer Lopez, but it also earned four MTV Video Music Awards nominations.

Reportedly producer Rodney Jerkins had played "If You Had My Love" for Michael Jackson for release, and he briefly considered recording it because he liked the groove. However, the Jennifer Lopez version was already recorded and Michael Jackson ultimately decided the song was better suited to a female singer.

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"On the Floor" featuring Pitbull (2011)

Jennifer Lopez On the Floor
Courtesy Island Def Jam

Landing a judging position on American Idol was the first step on the path to returning Jennifer Lopez to the mainstream pop spotlight. With Pitbull along to deliver a rap, "On the Floor" debuted inside the top 10 on the pop singles chart and peaked at #3. It also soared to #2 on the Latin Songs chart and topped the dance chart. The album Love? reached #5 on the album chart, Jennifer Lopez' best performance on that chart in six years. The song ultimately sold over eight million copies worldwide in 2011.

Jennifer Lopez believed that "On the Floor" represented an evolution in her sound. She also thought that it did well at capturing the importance of both her singing and her dancing. "On the Floor" earned a nomination for Latin Pop Song of the Year at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. 

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"Waiting For Tonight" (1999)

Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for Tonight
Courtesy Epic

Jennifer Lopez took us all to the dance floor with her second hit single. It was used frequently as a celebratory anthem for the dawn of the new millennium. The music video features a Y2K dance party. The song earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Dance Recording and peaked at #8 on the pop singles chart while soaring to the top of the dance chart. "Waiting For Tonight" convinced many observers that Jennifer Lopez was on her way to being one of the top pop-dance recording artists.

"Waiting For Tonight" was first recorded in 1997 by the girl group 3rd Party and was included on their debut album Alive. The song was first presented to Jennifer Lopez by producer Ric Wake. She hated it calling it "horrible and cheesy." Eventually, producer Cory Rooney convinced her that it would work. 

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"Dance Again" featuring Pitbull (2012)

Jennifer Lopez Dance Again
Courtesy Epic

After the massive success of "On the Floor" in returning Jennifer Lopez to the upper reaches of the pop singles chart, she decided to collaborate once again with Pitbull and RedOne. The result is another pleasing, hot dance pop gem. Jennifer Lopez sees the song as a metaphor for her survival after going through a difficult divorce from singer Marc Anthony. Singer Enrique Iglesias co-wrote the song. "Dance Again" peaked inside the top 20 on the US pop chart and hit #1 on the dance chart.

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"I'm Real" (2001)

Jennifer Lopez I'm Real
Courtesy Epic

"I'm Real" was a #1 pop hit for five weeks, but it also generated its fair share of controversy for Jennifer Lopez. "I'm Real" uses a sample from Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Firecracker." Reportedly, Mariah Carey asked to use the sample shortly before Jennifer Lopez, but Mariah Carey's former husband arranged for the sample to be steered to the Jennifer Lopez record. 

Despite the disputes, "I'm Real" has a truly engaging light, sexy touch. In addition to reaching the top of the pop chart, it went all the way to #2 on the R&B singles chart.

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"Love Don't Cost a Thing" (2000)

Jennifer Lopez Love Don't Cost a Thing
Jennifer Lopez - "Love Don't Cost a Thing". Courtesy Epic

"Love Don't Cost a Thing" feels strongly influenced by the hits of Destiny's Child. It became the first Jennifer Lopez single to top the pop radio airplay chart. The song peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also landed in the top 10 of the dance club chart and went to #1 in a number of countries around the world including Canada, Italy, and Spain.

The song expresses frustration with the materialistic desires of a lover. Some observers wondered if it was aimed at Jennifer Lopez' then boyfriend Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs. Their relationship ended shortly after the release of the song. The accompanying music video earned two nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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"Jenny From the Block" featuring Styles P and Jadakiss (2002)

Jennifer Lopez Jenny From the Block
Jennifer Lopez - "Jenny From the Block" featuring Styles P and Jadakiss. Courtesy Epic

Jennifer Lopez insists here that she has not been spoiled by money and success. The record created strong divisions among pop fans and critics. Some insisted the song was simply silly while others applauded it as a strong statement about self. "Jenny From the Block" landed at #3 on the pop singles chart. The song includes multiple samples from songs such as the 20th Century Steel Band's "Heaven and Hell Is on Earth," Boogie Down Productions' "South Bronx," and The Beatnuts' "Watch Out Now."

The accompanying music video features Jennifer Lopez in multiple steamy scenes with her then-boyfriend Ben Affleck. It received criticism from a number of observers. Ben Affleck claimed the clip nearly ruined his film career, and Jennifer Lopez tried to have it blocked from being shown on VH1 and MTV after she began dating Marc Anthony.

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"All I Have" featuring LL Cool J (2003)

Jennifer Lopez All I Have
Courtesy Epic

Jennifer Lopez brought LL Cool J his first #1 pop hit with "All I Have." It became her fourth chart-topping hit. The song speaks about moving on after breaking up, and there is a relaxed, charming elegance here that sounds timeless. The song samples "Very Special" by R&B singer Debra Laws, sister of jazz flute player Hubert Laws. The singer filed a lawsuit against Sony Music Entertainment for "misappropriating her voice." Jennifer Lopez initially did not want "All I Have" released as a single because she believed it was revisiting old territory like on her song "I'm Real." 

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"Get Right" (2005)

Jennifer Lopez Get Right
Courtesy Epic

This song is largely built around a looped horn sample from James Brown's classic "Soul Power." It only reached #12 on the US pop chart, but it went to #1 in many European countries including the UK. The video is notable for featuring Jennifer Lopez in a wide number of roles and earned four MTV Video Music Award nominations. Many observers saw "Get Right" as an advancement in the singer's style with its incorporation of influences from jazz and funk. 

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"Booty" featuring Iggy Azalea (2014)

Jennifer Lopez Booty
Courtesy Capitol

Jennifer initially didn't want to record a song with the title "Booty." However, after she played it for her kids, and they liked it, she gave a green light to the song. Rapper Iggy Azalea was a the peak of her rising career when she was asked to participate in recording "Booty." The song missed hitting the top 10 on the US pop music chart, but it went all the way to #1 on the dance chart. It was certified platinum, and the album A.K.A. was a top 10 hit.