Jeans - Top Jeans Styles for Petites

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Jeans with Straight Legs for Short Women

straight leg petite jeans
Straight-leg jeans available from Nordstrom. Image Courtesy of Nordstrom

Jeans with staight legs are universally flattering for short women because the legs form a vertical line that makes petites look longer and leaner. To make the most of this style, also select jeans with a dark wash, rather than a lighter or stonewashed blue denim.

These petite jeans from Nordstrom (Buy Direct) have straight legs and come in a dark wash denim. The inseam length is 30".

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Skinny Jeans for Slender Petites

petite skinny jeans
Skinny jeans for petites available from Gap. Image Courtesy of Gap

Skinny jeans look best on tall, thin women, but petites who are very slender can wear skinny jeans too. Skinny jeans can look good on petites who have very slender hips and legs as well as relatively long legs for their short stature. Manufacturers have finally realized that petites want the most popular styles available to them, so finally you'll be able to find truly skinny jeans that are sized especially for petites.

These skinny jeans from Gap (Buy Direct) feature a flattering dark wash and a very slim silhouette.

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Boot Cut Jeans for Curvy Short Women

boot-cut jeans
Curvy boot cut jeans available in petites from Gap. Image Courtesy of Gap

Wearing boot cut jeans can help balance curvy hips, so they're most appropriate for short women who have triangle or hourglass shaped figures. If you're going to wear boot cut jeans, select those with a slight boot cut, rather than fuller bell bottom types, which are very wide at the hem. Too much width will detract from the long, lean line that short women need to establish in order to look taller.

These petite boot cut jeans from Gap (Buy Direct) feature a dark rinse, a boot cut, and a contoured waistband.

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Tapered Jeans to Look Curvier

Tapered Jeans from Lands' End. Image Courtesy of Lands' End

For women who want to look curvier, tapered jeans can help emphasize hips. Typically, some short women who have inverted triangle shaped figures or rectangle shaped figures may want to achieve a curvier look for hips that are relatively narrow. If the jeans also have some embroidery or other embellishment on the back pockets, this styling touch helps too.

These petite tapered jeans from Lands' End (Vendor's Site) feature a traditional at-the-waist fit, classic style, and rinsed dark indigo color. The tapered jeans are available in petite sizes 2-18, and there are three inseam options for these petite jeans--26", 28", and 30"--so that gives petites plenty of flexibility. Another neat feature is that you can try them on a virtual model to get an idea of how they would fit you.

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Jeans for Short Women Over 40

petite jeans
Not Your Daughter's Jeans available from Nordstrom. Image Courtesy of Nordstrom

Short women who are over 40 can avoid the dreaded "mom jeans" by taking advantage of one of the many jeans' styles available that are aided by technology. Blending spandex or another stretchy material combined with engineered styling that smooths and lifts helps women of a certain age look stylish in their jeans.

These jeans by Not Your Daughter's Jeans from Nordstrom (Buy Direct) feature soft fabric, boot-cut styling, cotton/spandex fabric for stretch, and crisscross fabric panels that flatten the tummy and lift the rear. The jeans' inseam is 30".

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Trouser Jeans for Petite Plus

petite plus jeans
Trouser jeans for petite plus women available from Lane Bryant. Image Courtesy of Lane Bryant

Full figured short women who wear petite plus sizes can find flattering jeans with wide leg or straight leg trouser styling that help keep the look in proportion to a more generous figure.

These trouser jeans from Lane Bryant (Buy Direct) feature a dark rinse blue, stretch fabric, a straight leg silhouette, and a bootcut to balance hips.