Top Ways To Support Gay Rights

Here's how you can join the fight for gay equal rights:

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Speak Out Against Bullying

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Bullying is no laughing matter, and we're not just talking about hurt feelings here. Bullying effects school work, relationships with family and friends, and most importantly, a gay person's relationship with themselves.  Help stop the bullying by speaking up for your gay friends.

The best way to tell our government how you feel is to vote! Be sure to update your address if you are registered to vote or sign up if you are not. More »

A single signature may seem irrelevant but joined by millions change happens. More »

Your State Senators and Representatives were elected by you and act on your behalf. Let them know how you feel. More »

Send letters supporting gay equality directly to our leaders. Let's keep the upper hand by expressing our opinions with respect and professionalism. More »
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Write the Church

A single email to gay-friendly churches can go a long way towards the confirmation of gay clergymen.

The SLDF needs your support as the leading advocate for gays in the military. Not only do they educate servicemembers on the current "don't ask, don't tell" policies, but they provide free legal advice. More »

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Watch Gay Television Shows

Who cares what your parents say, watching television is good for you- especially if you're gay! By watching gay-themed television shows you increase their ratings. Increased ratings make the high-power networks and advertisers very happy. Hopefully, happy enough that they can't afford not to have gay programming. Showing Americans gay life on television may also lessen the fear of gay equality.

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Volunteer for a Gay Rights Organization

There are several organizations that help promote gay rights and safety. Find the one that best suits your lifestyle.

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Lobby for Gay Adoption

The American Bar Association had recently agreed to endorse and lobby states for equal adoption rights for same-sex couples. Join the fight!