Top Lesbian Vacation Destinations

When it's time to go on vacation, you want to go to a place where you can be free to be yourself. You want a place where there's lots to do and see, but where you can be out as a lesbian, or hold your lover's hand. These top lesbian vacation destinations are not only fun and beautiful places to visit, you'll also find that they're gay-friendly or cater to the gay and lesbian community.

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Provincetown, MA

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Provincetown, or P-Town, is the top gay and lesbian vacation destination. Everything you want is here. With beautiful beaches, great guest houses, gay-owned restaurants, and nightclubs with the best in gay and lesbian entertainment, Provincetown is hopping in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Winter is the off-season. Comb the many beaches, eat lobster, take in a tea-dance and see your favorite lesbian comedian, all in the same day.

Best time to Visit: October for Women's Week.

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San Francisco, CA

Castro neighborhood in San Francisco
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San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in America and a gay and lesbian mecca. Visit Alcatraz, ride a cable car, stroll through Golden Gate Park, check out the gay scene in the Castro and visit the historic City Hall where for weeks gays and lesbians lined up to get married in 2004.

Best Time to Visit: Gay Pride Weekend.

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Las Vegas, NV

Fremont Street
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Lesbians love to vacation where the rest of America likes to vacation: Las Vegas! With top-notch entertainment, casinos, and restaurants, Las Vegas just can't be beat for a weekend get-away. Be sure to eat at the Border Grill, home of one of the best lesbian chefs in the world.

Best Time to Visit: Be sure to include a Saturday Night stay so you can visit Booty Bar.

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Palm Springs, CA

Pool party during Dinah Shore Weekend
By Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend (Own work) [ CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Palm Springs is where the gay guys and girls go to enjoy splashing in the pool on hot sunny days, playing a round of golf and partying all night at one of the many gay-friendly nightclubs in town.

Best Time to Visit: No question here, the best time to come to Palm Springs is for Dinah Shore Weekend. Lovely ladies lounge by the pool and party 'til the sun comes up for one fabulous weekend a year.

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Rainbow over the Seattle skyline
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Walk the streets of Seattle's Capitol Hill District and you're sure to see a lesbian or two riding her bike, working in a coffee shop or shopping for sex toys at Toys in Babeland. Visit the Pike St. Market and take a ride to the top of the Space Needle. Catch a Seattle Storm WNBA game or check out the hot local music scene.

Best time to visit: Labor Day Weekend for Bumbershoot, a weekend of arts, music, comedy, and dance.

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New York City

One World Trade Center from Greenwich Village
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New York City is the most diverse city on the planet. Whether you want to take in a Broadway show or visit the birthplace of the modern gay and lesbian rights movement, NYC offers something for every lesbian. Spend time in Greenwich Village or take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty.​

Best Time to Visit: June for Gay Pride month and the NY Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

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Key West, FL

Key West, Cyclists riding along Duval Street
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Key West, Florida is known as one of the most gay and lesbian friendly vacation destinations. At the very tip of Florida, Key West has warm beaches, beautiful coral reefs and a diverse gay and lesbian community. Gays and lesbians own many of the businesses and restaurants in town, including art galleries, bookstores, resorts and tour companies.

Best Time to Visit: Late October for Fantasy Fest.

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Portland, Oregon

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Portland is one of the best cities in the US for biking, hiking, and just being queer. Portland boasts the largest independent bookstore in the nation, a women's bookstore, great live music and a queer party almost every night of the week. But don't spend all your time indoors, get out and hike the many miles of trails in Forest Park.​

Best time to Visit: The weather is beautiful in the Fall, but if you like rain, come in the Winter or Spring.

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Dallas, Texas

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Dallas, you say? Yes, Dallas! For those living around Texas in the conservative Bible belt, Dallas is an oasis and hub of queer culture. With Sue Ellens, one of the nicest lesbian bars in the country, and a culinary feast around every corner, Dallas is a great place to "live it large!" This is cowgirl country, so swing your lady over to the Round-Up Saloon on Cedar Springs Road, the gayest street in Texas.​

Best Time to Visit: November for the Black Tie Dinner, HRC's largest fundraiser.

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Gay Village, Montreal
Montreal's Gay Village. George Rose / Getty Images

It's like visiting Europe without having to leave North America. Plus, you can marry your sweetie while you're there. As soon as you cross the border into Canada, you'll find your breath flows smoother, just being in a place where your relationships are recognized. Check out Rue St. Catherine in the gay-friendly Village and dance at Le Drugstore, eight floors of lesbian nightlife.

Best Time to Visit: July for the Slut Island music festival