Top Inline Figure Skate Brands

Find the Most Popular Inline Figure Skate Manufacturers

Although there is no true "best" brand among the available inline figure skates, there are some popular brands that have features designed for inline figure skating jumps and spins. Inline figure skates are sometimes called dry land ice skates, because they offer an ice figure skating experience without a need for making and maintaining an ice surface. Like most good ice figure skates, inline figure skates can be purchased as a complete package, but in many cases they are custom assembled with your choice of frame and boot. And like all skating equipment for any skating discipline, the exact brand fit will be largely determined by your skating needs, your personal preferences and possibly your previous history as an ice skater or roller quad skater.

Several companies have developed high quality inline figure skating equipment, including some manufacturers who also distribute traditional quad roller skates, others who have evolved from ice skating sports and a few who are inline skating specialists. 

PIC® Inline Figure Skates

PIC® Skates. © PIC® Skates / Harmony Sports

Many ice figure skaters use the PIC® inline figure skates because they make it possible to practice the majority of their figure skating content off the ice on any smooth, hard surface including hardwood, asphalt, terrazzo, cement, tile or sport courts. The PIC® (ball toe stop) feels and functions a lot like the toe picks built into figure skating blades. PIC® skates have influenced the growth of inline figure skating organizations.

Snow White® Inline Figure Skates

Snow White ® Inlines
Snow White ® Inlines. © Double L's International Co. Ltd.

These frames are designed by ​Snow White® for dedicated artistic inline figure skaters who participate in artistic inline roller sports. Ice figure skaters will also find this frame suitable for training off-ice. The Snow White® has a remarkable similarity to the feel of a figure skating blade on ice. You can jump, spin, dance, and perform all the same footwork elements.  You can also actually feel the inside and outside edges on this skate, and the natural rubber toe-stopper works like a toe pick.

Custom Inlines Figure Skates

Custom Inlines®
Custom Inlines®. Image © Custom Inlines®

The only fully adjustable rocker and wheel offset in the world on an inline figure skating frame can be found on Custom Inlines from Australia. The frame was originally designed and built to fill the needs of internationally-ranked skating competitors and inline figure and dance enthusiasts. The V1 frame entered the market at the world championships with first place win for Jayson Sutcliffe who continues to endorse them today.    

Snyder® Triax Inline Figure Skates

Snyder® Triax Inline Figure Skates. © Snyder®

 Snyder® Triax inline figure skating frames were introduced in the U.S. market to appeal to artistic quad roller figure skaters who wanted to participate in artistic inline roller sports. The manufacturer no longer produces them, but many online skate shops still appear to have stock. And many re-seller and auction sites still offer used Triax skates in good condition.

Off-Ice Inline Figure Skates

Off-Ice Skating Blades with white boot. © Off-Ice Skating Blades / KCO Inline Ice Skating Ltd.

Off-Ice Inline Figure Skates ​are manufactured by KCO Inline Ice Skating Ltd. in the United Kingdom for inline artistic figure skates. The Off-Ice Skate is different from a normal inline skate/rollerblade, but has many of the same features found on other inline figure skates. These skates have a rockered chassis installed on a figure skating styled boot with a toe pic at the front of the skates. These skates can also balance on only one wheel, and all of these elements work together to allow dry land figure skaters to do jumps, spins, and most of the other maneuvers usually executed on ice.

Other Inline Figure Brands

The skates shown are popular today for competitive, cross-training and even recreational inline figure activities. But, there are other inline figure skate brands that have come and gone or are less active in the market like Catch Wind Inlines, the Jump-Spin Skate Company, ProSkate Inlines, Risport Galaxie, Atlas Inline, Pro Skate and Shye Jyh. Occasionally these skates can be found in skate shops or online reseller sites.