Top 5 Inboard Boats for $10,000

Dependable Boats With an Easy Price Tag

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It seems like boat purchasing goes in progressive succession. By the time you’re older $5,000 bracket boat just isn’t cutting it anymore, you’re ready to take another step up. For most, that means adding another $5k to the price tag.

Bear in mind, that at this price point, you are likely going to be finding boats from the mid-90s. It was during this era that open bow started becoming more prevalent, so you will automatically gain an extra three passenger capacity, but you will still be hard-pressed to find a solid V Drive at this point. It is certainly possible to find one, but I haven’t included them on this list because it’s a rare sighting.

The boats that follow are inboards you can find right now for around $10,000.

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Mastercraft Pro Star 190 (1994-1998)

Once again the top of the list is crowned by Mastercraft. The legacy of the Prostar 190 is not hard to uncover, and for around 10,000 bucks you can own a piece of it. Prostars are popular because they provide fantastic comfort, unbelievable power, and rock-solid dependability — it’s a total trifecta.

There are no warnings for these boats, they are consistently built year after year with the same quality standards. So if you come across a nice Prostar for around 10k, don’t even bat an eyelash — snag it before someone else does.

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Sport Nautique (Mid 90's)

The Nautique name inspires confidence, period. I have yet to find a disgruntled Nautique owner. Their boats are undeniably luxurious and always ahead of the curve, but what really sets them apart is their relentless customer support.

Having a Nautique is like having a boat with a lifetime warranty because the dealers and enthusiasts are always more than happy to help you keep your boat maintained no matter what year it is. The Sport Nautique is a great option because it features the 5.8 PCM engine which is, in my opinion, one of the best marine engines ever made — loads of torque, and easily maintained.

The Sport Nautique’s combo of power and luxury in a reasonable price tag make it particularly sought after by avid water ​sport enthusiasts. So if you see one, don’t hesitate because they don’t last long on the market.

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Malibu Response (1995-1998)

It was in the mid 90’s that Malibu really hit their stride. The Malibu Response is without a doubt the symbol of their accomplishments during that era. Like most other inboard boats from this time, it has a torquey 350 V8 engine with direct drive transmission. The Response, however, seems to have one of the smoothest take-off profiles when compared to any other boat in its class.

Also worth noting is how well the interior holds up on these boats year after year. You will rarely find fraying and tearing around the seams and stitching, which is fantastic because vinyl repairs can sometimes get very costly down the road.

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Centurion LaPoint (1996-1998)

Centurion has long been one of the most ​top-notch boat builders around. To put it simply, they overbuild their boats. The engines are more powerful, the fiberglass is thicker, the seats are more padded. It’s these intrinsic values that make the Centurion LaPoint a great option for the $10,000 price range.

The standard 5.7L Mercruiser engine is easy to service and has been proven reliable year after year. Couple that with the LaPoint’s undeniably relaxed feel and you have an amazing contender for the water.

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Tige Pre 2100 (1997)

Tige is one of those brands that you have to love. Their approach to boat design is so simple and elegant, that you can’t deny how ethereal these boats are. The Pre 2100 is a timeless looking boat and will look good year after year.

Aesthetics aside, this boat is a real powerhouse, and will make any owner proud to drive it. These are a bit rare to find, so if you’re looking for something that will set you apart from the herd then look no further.