Top 10 Hot Pop Songs January 7, 2014

Top 10 Hot Pop Songs March 25, 2014

These are the hottest 10 pop songs of the week as determined by About Top 40. This chart is compiled consulting data from various music industry charts and sources. It is intended to indicate the hottest rising hits. Recordings that have reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart are disqualified from this chart.

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Katy Perry - "Dark Horse" featuring Juicy J

Courtesy Capitol Records

Katy Perry has just been announced as one of the live performers for the 2014 Grammy Awards.  Her #1 smash hit "Roar," the first single from the album, has been nominated for Song Of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance.

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Miley Cyrus - "Adore You"

Miley Cyrus - Adore You
Miley Cyrus - "Adore You". Courtesy RCA

The ballad "Adore You" is one of the most unabashedly romantic songs on Miley Cyrus' #1 hit album Bangerz.  She has recently released an acoustic performance of the song that highlights Miley Cyrus stellar singing voice.  "Adore You" was co-written and produced by Oren Yoel who is best known for his work with rapper Asher Roth.

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Beyonce - "XO"

Beyonce - Beyonce
Beyonce - Beyonce. Courtesy Columbia

Beyonce's first single from her fifth studio album promoted to pop radio is a brilliant pop record.  It combines an electropop backing with Ryan Tedder's percussive production and a powerful vocal performance from the star. "XO" is already a top 20 R&B hit single.

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Bastille - "Pompeii"

Bastille - "Pompeii"
Bastille - "Pompeii". Courtesy Virgin

English rock band Bastille have released an extended version of their album Bad Blood at home in the UK called All the Bad Blood.  It includes the new single "Of the Night" which has become a #2 pop hit single in the UK.

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Little Mix - "Stand Down"

Little Mix - Salute
Little Mix - Salute. Courtesy Columbia

"Stand Down" is a new single to lead in to the US release of girl group Little Mix's second album Salute in the US.  The group have released four top 10 pop hit singles at home in the UK.  "Stand Down" is the follow up to their first US charting single "Wings."

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Lorde - "Team"

Lorde - "Team"
Lorde - "Team". Courtesy Lava Music

Lorde will perform live at the 2014 Grammy Awards.  Her breakthrough pop hit single "Royals" has been nominated for both Record of the Year and Song of the Year.  "Team" has already soared into the top 5 on the rock songs chart.

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Zendaya - "Replay"

Zendaya - "Replay"
Zendaya - "Replay". Courtesy Hollywood Records

Zendaya's breakthrough pop hit single "Replay" has crossed over to dance success peaking at #3 on the dance club chart.  She recently completed her first headlining Swag It Out concert tour. Many of her performances took place at state and county fairs.

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Ellie Goulding - "Burn"

Ellie Goulding - "Burn"
Ellie Goulding - "Burn". Courtesy Interscope

In its expanded form Halcyon Days, Ellie Goulding's Halcyon has become her second album to top the album chart in the UK.  She is now releasing "Goodness Gracious," her third single from the expanded version, at home in the UK.  The song was co-written by Nate Ruess of the group fun.

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Bruno Mars - "Young Girls"

Bruno Mars - Young Girls
Bruno Mars - "Young Girls". Courtesy Atlantic

Bruno Mars is going to headline this year's Super Bowl halftime show on February 2, 2014.  He is expected to have more performers join him on stage, but they have not yet been announced.  "Young Girls" is climbing quickly at adult pop radio where it is already a top 40 hit.

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Jason Derulo - "Talk Dirty" featuring 2 Chainz

Jason Derulo - "Talk Dirty"
Jason Derulo - "Talk Dirty". Courtesy Warner Bros.

"Talk Dirty" is already a top 10 pop hit for Jason Derulo in many countries around the world.  It already went to #1 on the pop singles chart in the UK.  The song was held back from being a single release in the US while "Marry Me" climbed the charts.