Top 10 Horror Movies That Are Actually Very Funny

And Not Just Because of the Cheesy Special Effects!

So you're in the mood to watch a great scary movie like "Orphan," but also want to have a few laughs? Well, you're in luck! Here are ten very chilling movies that also manage to get in a few giggles here and there.

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"Jennifer's Body" (2009)

"Jennifer's Body" movie poster


Let's be clear: This movie isn't about Jennifer, who's played by Megan Fox. This movie is about Jennifer's BODY, which is why Jennifer is played by Megan Fox.

When high school sexpot Jennifer gets possessed by an evil demon ( is there any other kind?), she suddenly turns her attention, and her hunger, towards the other unsuspecting teens in her high school. Can her best friend, played by Amanda Seyfried, save the day?

Written by Juno's Diablo Cody, this underrated gore-fest boasts the perfect mixture of horror and snark.

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"Krampus" (2015)

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Krampus is about an ancient alpine monster who is pretty much the exact opposite of good old Saint Nick. In this comedy-horror hybrid, which stars the always awesome Adam Scott and Toni Collette, a spoiled kid who has a bad Christmas accidentally summons the evil demon spirit.

Entertainment Weekly had this to say about Krampus: "If you love Gremlins but don’t feel like rewatching Gremlins, consider Krampus a worthwhile diet caffeine-free alternative…And full credit to director Michael Dougherty (Trick ‘r Treat) because this is a great-looking movie, filled with freaky creature designs and a just-right mixture of practical effects and CGI."

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"Tremors" (1990)

"Tremors" movie poster


It's basically Jaws but with slithery snake-like monsters. The '50s flick is back with a fresh coat of paint and a VERY LARGE can of worms. An isolated western locale is besieged by burrowing subterranean crawlers with a taste for munching B-list actors. Ron Underwood ("City Slickers") helms a bright script, amazingly believable special effects, and a cornered, quipping ensemble headed by Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward. BIG fun.

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"The Lost Boys" (1987)

"The Lost Boys" movie poster

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When a single mom and her two teen sons move to a small town in northern California, they quickly discover that the town is overrun by handsome, hard-partying vampires. The Lost Boys manages to merge the classic vampire horror film with a quirky, funny teen movie, and it's fabulous. Bonus? It's filled with hot 80s actors including Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and Kiefer Sutherland.

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"Jaws" (1975)

"Jaws" movie poster

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Off the idyllic coast of the fictitious New England village of Amity Island, something with a fierce appetite is snacking on the tourists.

"You're gonna need a bigger boat," Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) wryly tells bounty hunter Quint (Robert Shaw), upon spotting the titular Great White shark, but it might be too late. A mischievous script and direction by Steven Spielberg make this the quintessential shark movie for the ages.

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"Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn" (1987)

“Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn” movie poster

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Bruce Campbell is yet again our chainsaw-wielding hero in this seriously grizzly tale of supernatural spirits on a rampage. Unrelenting action, unspeakable menace, and unexpected Three Stooges-style antics make for a slap-happy gore feast. Director Sam Raimi's mesmerizing invention spawns a cold-cocked cinematic knock-out. Not for children or anyone planning to sleep -- ever.

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"An American Werewolf in London" (1981)

“An American Werewolf in London” movie poster 

While strolling through the moors one night, two buddies are savaged by a blood-guzzling beast. One dies, the other heals, falls in love and chit-chats with the Undead about the next bad moon rising. Superb shape-shifting effects set a new benchmark in movies. Contemporary Britain permeates this calamitous John Landis production, suitably steeped in macabre humor, some of which nicely clots.

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"Re-Animator" (1985)

"Re-Animator" movie poster

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A medical student's serum brings corpses back to life, along with thrills, violence, and hold-onto-your-head comedy. Director Stuart Gordon's debut is dark and lowbrow in tone and execution but jolts a creepy, smiley experience. 

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"Creepshow" (1982)

Stephen King's “Creepshow”


Five simplistic, over-the-top Stephen King stories styled after the impishly grotesque "E.C. Comics." In one segment, King "acts" as such an outlandish country buffoon, he makes Max "Jethro Bodine" Baer, Jr. look like Sir John Gielgud. The best nightmare bugs E.G. Marshall, a man with an infinite dislike for cockroaches. You might wish to caress your pesticide spritzer for emotional support here.

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"Lake Placid" (1999)

"Lake Placid" movie poster

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"Jaws" with feet. Writer David Kelley's ("Ally McBeal") crocodile crock is a whirlpool of mindless amusement. A carnivorous behemoth must satisfy his hunger for park rangers and tent dwellers whenever there's soundtrack silence. Kindly Betty White provides a gum-swallowing comeback line. In publicity for this movie, the actress apologized -- with winks -- for her behavior.