Top Hippie Clothes Tutorials

You can make your own easy breezy fashions that are often regarded as the 'hippie' style. These kinds of clothes are creative and offer a relaxed fit. Add some handmade touches to your wardrobe with these DIY tutorials.

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Turn Jeans Into Bell Bottoms

Rear View Low Section Shot of a Woman Wearing Flared Jeans and Holding a Mobile Phone
John Cumming/Photodisc/Getty Images

To add a little flare to your jeans, all you need is a bit of fabric and a few minutes of stitching. Learn how to get that boho look and make a pair of bell-bottom jeans.

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Tie Dye a Shirt

Tie Dye
essie/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Feelin’ groovy? You will be in no time; wearing a tie-dyed shirt you made yourself. In ​tie-dye, you aren’t just limited to t-shirts. You can tie-dye socks, shorts…even underwear. Tie dye is a fun party project that can be completed outside in the summer, or indoors. Follow these steps to get in on the boho trend without spending the bucks.​

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Add an Applique Patch

heart bum - i patched my jeans.
bastardang/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

'Applique' is when you apply one or more patches to make a picture. Add some flair to your jeans with some cute heart patches. This is a simple kind of applique technique that takes just minutes to complete.

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Recycle a T-Shirt into a Tank Top

T-Shirt Tank Top
T-Shirt Tank Top. Rain Blanken

Learn how to make a t-shirt into a tank top. We all seem to run into the same problem; T-shirts that have our favorite band, Captain Jack Sparrow, or ‘I’m With Stupid’ printed on them, but are just too big to wear. Who decided all cool t-shirts should only be worn by guys? Before you surrender your favorite tees to your boyfriend or brother, try this no-sew trick on for size.